I received your beautiful samples on Saturday. Thank you so much. I wore them to practice in yesterday (but afterwards Coco threw up on me - as baby's do ;-)) so will def take some pictures when they are clean!! Leggings were really great. Stay fully opaque and in place for forward bends, leg behind head and everything! Really nice fit and feel. I prefer practicing without the stirrups but that might be just an ashtanga thing as so many poses take and handle the feet into positions. Love the bra and top. Stayed cool even when I got sweaty!
Chine Moo-Young

The fabric feels beautiful against your skin. I absolutely love your range of yoga/gym wear. The fabric feels beautiful against your skin. I have worn them to Zumba and pilates classes and they are sooooo comfortable. In addition to feeling great they are really flattering as well. I have a bit of an aversion to the standard gym wear in general, hating how they are super clingy, accentuate all the lumps, bumps and rolls that I prefer to disguise. My younger trim, taunt and terrific self wouldn't have minded but as I no longer have the body of a twenty/thirty year old, those days are long gone. Your designs manage to somehow fit snuggly but at the same time camouflage my rounder belly and saddle bag thighs. Love the longer length of the tops so you can ruche them up a bit. The two tone om pedal pants are also a favourite. But actually love them all!!
Great designs.

I really love the fabrics and the fit.
Christine S. F.

Great site, I always love your clothing and recommend it to all my clients.
Rachael W.

Already own a pair of yoga pants by M Life which I have worn to death they are so comfy!
Moira F.

Love your quality!
Olga S.

Bought a M Life capri pants in a shop and loved it so much I decided to see if I could order it online as shop stopped selling it.
Anja R.

I have had M Life clothing for years, it's always such lovely quality and wears well.
Pamela L.

The website is very upmarket and that's what I like about it as well as being a very sustainable company for the environment and we all want that nowadays. Thank you.
Patricia M.

Ooooh , I love your fabrics and the fit of your designs so much I wish you would do more in a wider variety of colours - just a splash of Tangerine or acid green or scarlet and shorts would be good too!
Vanessa F.

I bought the sculpt yoga pants and loved them so much I bought a second pair.
Sarah I.

Have bought yoga bottoms before. Excellent products.
Debra W.

Lovely quality.
Elizabeth B.

Very impressed with your website and the clothing and accessories look divine.
Jayne R.

Website very fast and easy to use, excellent!!
Susie C.

Clothes are amazing! Very comfortable for a daily use and sport. Delivery to Europe very fast and with tracking number. Totally recommended.
Olga D.

I was very happy with the pleat-front blue striped top and have now ordered it in navy and pink. It is a flattering fit and comfortable to wear for yoga and other types of fitness classes. Good quality fabric too.
Lynn R.

Excellent service.
Barbara C.

I adore your yoga/pilates clothes. It would be super if you made the body sculpt trousers in navy as well as black.
Susie R.

I know your products from London and love them.
Flavia v. d. S.

I own m life products already - love them. Pls bring back the yoga mat with the ribbon attached!
Enya K.

The bottoms are the most comfortable I have ever bought. I love natural materials and M Life ticks all the right boxes for me. Lovely clothes.
Mandy A.

Laura A.

I love M Life for yoga & pilates the best quality which is more breathable & comfortable than Nike.
Emma H.

Saw someone in my yoga class wearing your products and really liked them.
Jan F.

I love your capri bottoms......I also loved your camisoles which you appear to have discontinued....are you likely to have them again?
Sue M.

The clothes are really beautiful and comfortable and I am very happy with them.
Jennifer M.

I've worn my old pair to death and just had to get my hands on a new pair despite moving to a rural area. Thanks for online shop!
Linda C.

I bought M Life t-shirts years ago and absolutely love them. They totally keep shape and look still phantastic after 4 years of wear. :)
Nicole S.

Really like it.
Christine F.

Good site, great products.
Kim M.

Love your stuff and reeeeeeally need some more black leggings too. :)
Victoria N.

This will be my third pair of bottoms, I wear them until they give up! Soft and beautiful to wear I am really pleased to see I can get them online.
Rebecca W.

I love M Life wear.
Debbie C.

Great site - easy to use, pleasing to the eye and stock at good prices - thank you!
Cassie M.

Best one i visited.
Anna Y.

I bought M Life pants and top from John Lewis. I like the fit and especially the longer length of the pants.
Lynn R.

Have bought the raw edge pants in black before and they are great. Wash well, do not go baggy and great to be able to shorten by cutting the hem.
Tina S.

Just love the flower design on the back. Your logo is neat and yogic. Your site is like your products: straight to the point...
Helen R.

Great products...
Sandrine G.

Best yoga pants.
Nikki J.

Love your fit wear.
Sally D.

I have fallen in love with the M Life Body Sculpt Racer Tee at Peter Jones in Sloane Square...
Paola B.

Bought some of these trousers via Figleaveas and they are simply brilliant.
Alison D.

Amazing softness and durability. Beautiful fit for petite wemon. My absolute must have for the gym. Thank you!
Stephanie B.

My friend gave me a pair of these m life pants and I loved them.
Kim M.

I really like your products... Very pleasant to wear.
Martine F.

Love m life long pants... comfortable and flattering!
Yasia L.

The clothing is very comfortable. Thank You.
Rumana M.

Very happy with previous purchase, the clothing line is comfortable, functional and respectable. I purchased a pair of 3/4 length black pants during the summer and they are just brilliant, the fabric is so nice to touch...
Roisin R.

Like your products, nice styling.
Fran K.

Just got a Pink M Life tank top a few weeks ago after admiring one on a fellow yogi - they really are lovely to practice in!
Jacquie O.

Excellent design, quality, comfort and colours. Lovely logo.
Debbie M.

Nisha G.

Really lovely website & easy to navigate very tastefully designed.
Patricia M.

The ONLY yoga pants I've found that are so comfortable and fit so well!
Susannah A.

My wife has bought from you for years and loves your products. The quality is unique and the styling excellent.
Jack H.

Love the tops to bits. Very stylish...
Fiona S.

Felt very soft & good quality.
Marie D.

I love your bottoms and pretty much live in them around the house and now am ordering a pair for my sister. Excellent quality.
Magdalena A.

I have recently purchased a pair of leggings with cuff at ankles and waist, to wear at my yoga practice; I am delighted with them, fabric is so soft and comfortable to wear, thank you!