Our Story

M Life is a much-loved and long-established brand, known for beautiful yoga lifestyle-inspired clothing and accessories.

Our artisanal approach to workout wear is admired by yogis and fitness experts from around the world, with whom we also collaborate to develop our yoga gear, exercise mats, fitness balls, body bands and more.

Customers love our ergonomic clothing, which pioneers the latest technology while seeking to have the smallest impact possible on the environment. The result is unparalleled comfort that doesn’t cost the earth and a dedication to wellbeing through eco-friendly craftsmanship.

Our Heritage

In 1956, local council workers descended on a quiet street in Auckland, New Zealand. They were tasked with tearing down a 200 year old, native pohutakawa tree, renowned for its healing properties. What the municipal employees didn’t expect was the scene of protest that greeted them and that history was about to be made.

Rana, a small but statuesque mother of five, was standing firmly in front of them, shielding the tree from the tragic felling that was about to begin. She warned the workers not to approach her and refused to move, selflessly protecting the centuries-old indigenous species by tying herself to the tree. Rana succeeded in her mission and the tree was saved so that it, as well as many others, could remain standing today.

Rana was my grandmother. Named after Madagascan royalty, where her grandparents lived, Ranavalona lived up to her regal name.  A progressive woman, she fought to preserve the world around her while ensuring others were conscious of the mark they made. Although we moved away from Auckland and our beloved tree, first to Asia and eventually settling in London, Rana’s principles and spirit live on.

After a successful career owning and running One On One, a personal training studio in Notting Hill, I embarked on a mission to support others on their wellbeing journeys while being an advocate for sustainable craftsmanship. I founded M Life, which is dedicated to my wonderful grandmother and everything she stood for. Rana has since passed away, but what she believed in did not. Her values and dedication are at the heart of the M Life brand today.

Supporting your wellbeing through eco-friendly craftsmanship.

Our Sustainability Statement

Our mission to create beautiful yoga wear and lifestyle clothing goes hand-in-hand with our responsibility to the environment. It is our duty to minimise the waste linked to the clothes and accessories we design, create and sell.

6P free

Core to our ethos is to be 6P free – this means that all of our mats are tested extensively to ensure they are free from latex and harmful phthalates, which have, in the past, been added to plastics and vinyl in order to increase their flexibility and softness.

Not only do these chemicals harm the environment, but they are also linked to health issues. Here at MLife we are proud to be 6P free.

Innovation that benefits planet and practice

Our famous ergonomic clothing pioneers the latest technology while seeking to have the smallest impact possible on the environment.

We review the techniques and material we use on an on-going basis to ensure we’re being eco-friendly. We also collaborate with yoga lovers and wellbeing experts around the world to ensure the yoga philosophy of avoiding harm and doing good is embedded in everything we do and the products we produce.

Our Charity Commitment

Just as Rana did, M Life was launched with the vision of giving back.

We are proud to partner with Yoga Stops Traffick, an annual, global event that raises funds for the Odanadi Seva Trust and the amazing work they do to rescue, rehabilitate and reintegrate trafficked women and children.

For the past 25 years Odanadi has provided a safe haven for survivors of human trafficking, sexual exploitation, slavery and domestic abuse. Each year we host our own yoga practice, through which we support the Trust by focusing our intentions and collecting donations.

We channel the peaceful spirit and the mental and physical strength of yoga to truly make a difference.

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