Our Story

Social Consciousness

Our founder


Our Story

M Life, founded over ten years ago by Leonie Ellyatt, is passionate about creating lifestyle inspired, high quality apparel and accessories to support individuals on their spiritual and physical well-being journey. 

Our pieces are perfectly suited to yoga, Pilates and comfortable living.

All our designs are tried and tested by leading well-being experts to ensure the highest levels of quality and authenticity.  Every little detail is considered as we believe this is what makes clothing beautiful.

M Life always aims to create sustainable and non-toxic products, and we offer a range of eco-friendly yoga and Pilates’ accessories including yoga mats, fitness balls, body bands and yoga bags.*

M Life. For women who are mindful of themselves and the world around them.

*All our eco accessories are EU and USDA certified

Social Consciousness

M Life has always aspired to giving something back and making a difference to peoples’ lives in all social sectors.

We’re very proud to be in partnership with Women for Women.

This worthwhile charity helps women in war-torn regions re-build their lives with financial and emotional aid, job-skills training, rights education and small business assistance.

M Life is also a certified member of SEDEX, an organisation dedicated to driving improvements in responsible and ethical business practices in global supply chains.

Our Founder

Having spent fifteen years in the fitness industry, founder Leonie Elyatt, opened one of the first private personal training studios in London.

With a growing passion for a more holistic training philosophy, Leonie and her team of experts ranging from osteopaths to acupuncturists, pioneered unique fitness programs infused with an eastern approach to total health and well-being.

As the business grew, Leonie realised that more and more women were looking for comfortable, high quality active wear that also looked and felt great and in 2000 the first M Life collection was born.


When the City Council sent a team of workers down a quiet street in Auckland, New Zealand many years ago they did not expect to see Rana, a 45yr old mother of 5 standing in their way. Rana had tied herself to a 200 year old native tree determined to save it from being cut down, she succeeded and the tree still stands today.

Leonie was much inspired by her late Grandmother and some years later created M Life in honour of both Rana, and the tree she had saved. The indigenous Manuka Tea Tree has world-renowned healing properties, which combine perfectly with Rana’s energy and spirit in delivering the M Life brand ethos of health and wellbeing.

A passion for nature and equality

As long as I can remember, trees have been important to me. Not only climbing them as a child in New Zealand, but because of Rana. Named after the Queen of Madagascar, where her grandparents were missionaries, Ranavalona lived up to her regal name. She was a very progressive woman for her time; always pushing the envelope on women's issues and the preservation of nature - her two passions. Rana insisted that her children all get a university education; unheard of at that time. She actively wrote on feminism and was not afraid to express her views.

Eastern influence and aerobics

As Rana's granddaughter, I’m proud to continue the tradition of creating your own unique journey. Moving to Hong Kong as a child, I was introduced to Asian culture, which continues to shape my philosophy on life. I began teaching aerobics at the age of 16 and soon found a more fulfilling role providing individualised training for each client

M Life launched in London

Moving to London and opening the One On One personal training business in Notting Hill allowed me to put my ideas into practice. M Life was launched in 2000 from there…

Rana passed away some time ago but her influence and inspiration live on. She believed that women should dream, learn, teach and live comfortably and it is to her that I dedicate M Life.