At age 45, as a truckload of men from the city council pulled down a quiet street in Auckland, New Zealand, Rana – a small women – placed herself in front a 200 year old native tree to prevent its removal. She succeeded, and that tree, and many more like it, still stand today. As long as I can remember, trees have been important to me.

Not only climbing them as a child (back home), but because of Rana my Grandmother. Named after the Queens of Madagascar, where her grandparents were missionaries, Ranavalona lived up to her regal name. She was a very progressive women for her time; always pushing the envelope on women’s issues and the preservation of nature – her two passions. She brought up 5 children and insisted they all had a university degree; unheard of at that time. She actively wrote on feminism and was not afraid to express her views.

As Rana’s granddaughter, I am proud to continue the tradition of individualism. Moving to Hong Kong as a child, I was introduced to many aspects of Asian culture, which continues to shape my philosophy on life today. Teaching aerobics from the age of 16, I soon found a more fulfilling role providing individual training, personalised for each client. Moving to London allowed me to put my ideas into practice, with the opening of One On One, a personal training gym in Notting Hill.

Few women are perfect, yet we all strive to be our best and gain fulfilment. Using the concept that women should expect more and that you don’t have to be perfect to look good, I designed these clothes with us in mind. I spoke to clients and friends and used real women with real proportions. I hope you love them as much as we do. Sadly Rana passed away some time ago – what she believed in did not.

Women should dream and learn and teach and live comfortably. She believed in women with real needs. That is why M Life was conceived – Real women with Real needs ……..and it is to her I dedicate M Life.