How to clean a yoga mat

Care and maintenance to make a yoga mat last

With lockdown in full swing, we’re getting a lot of use out of our yoga mats.

M Life mats are designed for regular use yet made to last, and their life can be extended with the right care and maintenance. Our cleaning routine also ensures the surfaces we do yoga on stay sanitary.

Rather than expensive or toxic sprays, our natural, alternative cleaning hack can sustain and look after any mat. What’s more, this negativity-clearing ritual can be incorporated into any yoga routine. More and more, the act of cleaning our mats has become essential for hygiene and for staying grounded in equal measure.

How to clean your yoga mat: the method
In a bottle with a spray nozzle, add six drops of tea tree or lavender essential oil to six cups of water. Seal the bottle shut and shake well to mix the oil with the water.

Lightly mist both sides of the mat with the homemade cleaning solution. Lavender and tea tree both have antiseptic qualities and their fragrance makes for an invigorating yoga session.

Once the whole mat has been sprayed, wipe down with a sponge or microfibre cloth so the solution is evenly distributed both to disinfect and spread the scent evenly.

After wiping the mat with a sponge or cloth, dry with a towel and leave on a table, over a chair or on the floor to dry. If possible, leave overnight.

Why clean your yoga mat: more than just a boring chore
We use mat cleaning for to sterilise and care for our mats, but we have also made this a purifying ritual.

Through the application of the oil and water, and the subsequent washing of our equipment, we leave negativity behind, stay zen and cast aside anything that prevents enlightenment and awakening. What could be viewed as a laborious task helps us to feel centred, remain present and remember to be grateful.

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