What to wear to yoga

A carefully curated yoga wardrobe can be truly something to behold. Having the right yoga gear can be empowering, uplifting and sartorially stunning at the same time.  

Our preferred styles of yoga can dictate our yoga outfits and workout wear. Yin yoga and hatha yoga are gentle, meditative pursuits which call for soft shapes, ultra-comfortable material and allow for a smooth transition to loungewear.

Ashtanga yoga and power yoga are more vigorous and intended to develop fitness through intense stretching, challenging poses and mobility-orientated sequences (also known as a ‘flow’). These forms of yoga require more technical, ergonomic clothing that’s breathable and supports us as we get our sweat on.

Whether we’re just refreshing our collection of yoga gear or building a yoga wardrobe from scratch, it can be hard to know where to start. So this week we’re sharing our definitive guide to creating a yoga-inspired and yoga-orientated workout wardrobe. (Spiritual awakening isn’t really about the outfit, but it does help).

Activewear bra

Sports and activewear bras are the cornerstone of any yoga wardrobe. A sports bra that is uncomfortable, chafes or digs is the first obstacle on the path to enlightenment. Bras should be, at a minimum, seamless, moisture wicking (particularly for yoga that demands a little more of us) and hardly noticeable. They should provide support for a downward facing dog or handstand, but not be so supportive that we can’t move the way we want to.  


On top of a sports bra should be a reliable tank or tee. A close-fitting racer or vest are essential for classes requiring concentration or continuous movement – we don’t want our clothing to interfere. For balance poses, this is even more important. For a little more coverage without feeling restricted, a seamless t-shirt is good go-to. 

Transition and performance layers

Keeping muscles warm is essential for preventing injury and a technical performance layer is a great way to ensure the skin can breathe and our body can work at its best. If incorporating yoga into a more multi-faceted exercise regime, having different technical and performance layers are essential to move between various activities, both so we’re equipped for all weathers and workouts but also to ensure we don’t succumb to any stiffness or soreness because we’ve let our body cool down too quickly.

Yoga pants

We couldn’t create a definitive guide to yoga wear without paying homage to the incredible yoga pant. Yoga pants are often seen as the staple of the airport or an evening on the sofa, but the reason they are called ‘yoga’ pants is because their shape, waist bands and fit lend them really well to a number of forms of yoga. We wouldn’t wear them to hot (bikram) yoga but they are excellent for many other types of practice.


For those of us who prefer leggings, the waist band and seamless fabric are again essential. They are a good choice for those of us who don’t like too much material (they aren’t bootcut like a yoga pant) and they can, surprisingly, improve some poses. For example, wearing leggings during a bind or crow pose can provide a little friction and grip to help stay in the pose for longer. If doing poses which require holding round the ankle, leggings can help avoid hands slipping or sliding down bare legs and also give an extra layer underneath the knee if doing a pose that incorporates kneeling.

Loungewear coverups

Loungewear is all about preserving that just-done-yoga feeling and bringing a little yoga-like zen into our home, so as to relax mind and body. Sleek loungewear can also feel super luxe, so as not to stray too quickly into ‘slouchy’ territory.


In addition to our trusty yoga mats and yoga blocks, there are two other essential yoga accompaniments which can sometimes get overlooked: the yoga mat strap and an exercise towel. A yoga mat strap is perfectly practical and takes away the stress of having to transport a yoga mat and using our own equipment at a class or studio. Then there is the exercise towel. These can be surprisingly stylish (well, we think so) and keep us, as well as our yoga clothes and mat, dry and fresh for longer. Yoga towels really are a must-have.


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