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The M Life lockdown list

Our M Life community – that’s you! – are experts in pursuing peace and harmony in your daily lives. But even the most centred and grounded of us need support in these strange times.
Normally we leave the unification of mind, body and spirit up to you. Instead, we’ve decided to share our tips on being zen, so you can stay well at home and love yourself in lockdown.

Make time to move
Even if juggling commitments at work and home mean we’re busier than ever, doing everything under one roof means our overall movement and step count is reduced. What’s more, it can create a sense of cabin fever and even anxiety, as routines aren’t as varied as usual.

Setting alarms to get up and stretch, walk around and expend some of the energy that we’d normally use is a great way to clear the mind and avoid stiff joints or muscles seizing up. Even if we’re working out using an online trainer or class, or doing other exercise, it’s great to remind ourselves not to remain sedentary for the remainder of the day and release endorphins wherever we can.

Oils are essential
Essential oils can be used to create various atmospheres and simulate different environments. From tranquillity and stillness, to stimulation and concentration, essential oils are an inexpensive way of creating a short-cut to the spa. Things like bergamot and rosemary help with concentration, lavender can help us relax and combinations of oils such as lemon and geranium can help with sleep.

Sprinkle these on pillows, in your bath or use a diffuser to get the full benefit of the essential oils. We advocate the use of essential oils diluted with water, in a bottle with a nozzle, for pillows, linens and as a room spray. Special blends are also available from health food stores and pharmacies, to luxury beauty and fragrance companies.

Smile and wave
Our face carries a lot of more tension that we realise. Releasing some of this tension and taking note of how we feel are great ways to exercise self-care (especially important given how much time we’re all spending on Zoom!)

To re-set facial muscles and create a release, putting our tongues at the back of our mouths and smiling is an effective antidote to the stresses of the day. Coupled with our tips on breathing below, it can be a bit easier to find serenity.

Check in, breathe out 
Monitor how we’re feeling and acknowledging our emotions is essential. If we’re feeling anxious, nervous and worried, it’s important to address this, as well as the effect on things like our posture and breathing. In yoga, breathing heavily in through the nose and out through the mouth is intended to bring awareness to our bodies and create consistency in where we send the oxygen we desperately need.

Be kind
Gratitude is central to most yoga philosophies. While we should be thankful and grateful, as well as conscious, of those around us who are in need, who are serving their communities or who are making sacrifices, we shouldn’t forget how wonderful we are and remember to emotionally and physically look after and be kind to ourselves. Whether that’s through mediation, online therapy or checking in with friends and family, we can’t be kind to others if we’re not kind to ourselves.


Sending you peace and positivity,
M Life x