Returning to yoga: tips for staying safe as studios reopen

A return to our cherished classes and much-loved studios is just around the corner. While we can’t contain our excitement, practising in a safe and sanitary way will mean lockdown stays lifted and ensure the yoga community survives and thrives after months of being closed.

So this week we’re focusing on how to use and clean our own yoga accessories for optimum health and hygiene.

Bring your own

Practising on our own mat is one way to practice on a surface we know is sterilised. Think of it as a perfect rectangle of cleanliness that keeps us safe and reduces the burden on the studio.

Worried about carting a yoga mat around and keeping it clean while travelling between home and the studio? We recommend a yoga mat strap. Not only does this help with mat hygiene, it makes transporting a mat a no-brainer.

Throwing the towel in

Yoga mat towels provide extra grip and underhand friction for difficult poses or when we start to feel the heat. Quick drying, microfibre yoga mat towels help to avoid the spread of moisture droplets with their moisture wicking fabric while being kind to skin.  

Chip off the old yoga block

Rather than using yoga blocks offered by a studio or placing our hands on the floor, investing in a yoga block or two can help us go to the next level in our practice without contaminating or being contaminated by other surfaces. They are excellent for stretching too, which we all need after months slumped in front of a desk.

Oils are essential

We typically advise using an essential oil blend to clean our yoga mats. This is something that can be combined with the use of a high-grade antibacterial spray or cleaning product. The essential oil solution gives the mat a fragrance and preserves it, even if using strong disinfectant chemicals.


Visit our M Life yoga accessories page to stay safe at the studio.