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What is your usual UK size in Bra’s?

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Poses for peace: pairing practice and playlist

To fully embrace and be present in a yoga practice, it can be helpful to match our music to our poses and postures. This can focus our intentions, soothe our mood and enhance the style of yoga we’re doing.

Yoga often provides us with a rare and much needed chance to centre ourselves, listen to our bodies and find some solace in and among the stress and strain of daily life. The atmosphere of a yoga studio is one of the reasons we leave feeling relaxed and restored.

Re-creating the sensations and zen-like conditions of a studio-based class are important for getting the same effects during our at-home routine. As sharing is caring, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite playlists for self-directed yoga practices over on our Journal. Enjoy!

Playlist: True by Lambert

Best for: Ashtanga yoga, Iyengar yoga

Poses to pair with: kneeling rock, downward dog, cat and cow, tree, triangle, forward bend, half-moon, hand and knee, arrow, and any poses involving balance and concentration.

Playlist: Chilled Instrumental

Best for: Vinyasa flow yoga, Kudalini yoga

Poses to pair with: stretching and poses which incorporate muscle lengthening, such as cobra, updog, seated forward bend, warrior II, lotus, poses which involve a bind, threading the needle, or legs up the wall.

Playlist: Yin Yoga

Best for: Yin yoga, slower forms of Hatha yoga, restorative yoga

Poses to pair with: savasna, meditation poses, child’s pose, constructive rest (or semi-supine), supine twist, eagle seal, reclining bound angle, reclining hero, head-to-knee, and third-eyed poses.

Playlist: Another Space

Best for: power yoga, Bikram yoga

Poses to pair with: crow, cow face, backbend, shoulder stand, wild thing, wide-legged bend, pigeon, boat, and other, more dynamic poses.