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Our favourite yoga studios

This week we want to show solidarity with those who are also dedicated to bringing the restorative, life-changing pursuit of yoga to others and support the yoga community by shining a light on our favourite studios.

While M Life has its roots in New Zealand and our team is based in London, we’ve included studios with other locations across the UK and those which provide access to classes online. For a small island, we play host to an astonishing and awe-inspiring array of yoga studios, yoga classes and yoga instructors to work with and choose from.

Yoga studios have been off limits for the last few months and we can’t wait to get back to connect (in person) with our fellow yogis. Nothing quite beats that post-yoga feeling, especially when its shared with others in a special yoga space.


Fly LDN To accompany their super zen classes, Fly play video sequences of the natural world on a ginormous screen, enough to induce feelings of wanderlust in even the biggest home birds, to some of the most beautiful music we’ve ever heard. They are currently live streaming a variety of yoga classes and we can’t wait to try their Flowlife and Slow Flow class when the studio reopens. Expect very attentive teachers and assistants who want everyone to make each practice a chance to reconnect with themselves.  

The Power Yoga Company

PYC boasts a comprehensive range of classes, both available livestreamed and pre-recorded on their website until the studio reopens. Newbies and advanced yogis alike are welcome at PYC and they have democratised yoga for residents of south west London. Their studio is super cool without being intimidating.

Another Space

Another Space are experts in carving time out of busy schedules to help us relax and rejuvenate when most needed. A ‘come as you are’ atmosphere is noticeable, and the yoga instructors are devoted to helping class goers get the best out of the yoga session in their own way. Their 45-minute classes are a total life saver and can be accessed online until Another Space is back in business.


Our friends at Yogahaven operate across England and their members are just as ubiquitous as their locations. They have serious and challenging classes, including an invigorating candle lit hot yoga class, as well as motivating entry level classes too. Yogahaven’s yoga workshops are affordable and just the right length for anyone looking to take their yoga to the next level – they are available online until it’s safe to go back to the studio.


Digme’s brand of yoga reflects the engaging and life affirming nature of the Digme experience. Classes – now streamed online via their impressive website – offer the perfect opportunity for cooling down and stretching after one of their spin or HIIT classes or staying fired up in a different, dynamic yoga way. They also have a number of studios across the UK, delivering a number of types of exercise class.


A stalwart of the London yoga scene, Tri-Yoga have almost 1000 yoga and pilates classes, often run in clean, white spaces which bring a clarity and awareness to the mind. Tri-Yoga are known for taking serious care and interest in ensuring all yogis and pilates goers can work towards their goals – whether that be stimulating creativity, achieving a therapeutic experience or improving technical poses.

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