Our favourite weekend snack recipes

Weekend snacks are a thing to behold, whether they accompany a glass or two on a Friday night, an afternoon in the garden on Saturday or whet the appetite before a big Sunday lunch.

This week we’re sharing a shorter but sweeter blog: perfect (and super easy) nibbles for the weekend.

Dates, pecans and soft cheese

Ingredients: 250g bag of pitted dates, 100g bag of pecans, 150g soft cheese (goat’s cheese or vegan equivalent) and a sprig of rosemary.

Method: open the date and spoon one quarter of a teaspoon of soft cheese into the date. Take a pecan and press gently into the goat’s cheese filled cavity. Add a few fronds of rosemary to taste.

Caprese skewers

Ingredients: kebab skewers, 150g cocktail/small mozzarella balls or tofu, a handful of basil, pack of vine tomatoes and balsamic glaze.

Method: take a kebab skewer and alternate spearing mozzarella balls/tofu, basil leaves and tomatoes. Drizzle with balsamic glaze and pepper to enhance the flavour.

Crackers with strawberries and hazelnut spread

Ingredients: packet of plain crackers or melba toasts, two punnets of strawberries, 170g of hazelnut chocolate or vegan spread and a small packet of amaretti or vegan biscuits such as Oreos.

Method: de-head the strawberries and slice thinly. Spread the hazelnut chocolate spread onto the crackers and layer with strawberries. Crumble amaretti biscuits on top for extra crunch.