Our favourite HIIT and cardio-based workouts

Combining yoga and pilates with high energy workouts or more dynamic gym sessions is an important part of a varied and effective exercise routine. Along with strengthening, lengthening, and conditioning, improving our cardiovascular health should be high up on our list of fitness goals. *

Although its often the last thing we want to do, exploring a few more intense workouts means our weekly training regime uses more energy (e.g. burns calories), increases our metabolic rate and improves muscle mass.

Here at M Life, we’ve found one way to navigate the ongoing disruption to our exercise schedules and support the fitness community is to join online classes or use YouTube to maintain our levels of cardio. So, we’re sharing our favourite HIIT and cardio-based workouts, all of which are available online.

*This is not medical advice. Please consult your doctor or a fitness professional before attempting the videos below.

M Life’s favourite workouts  

Joe Wicks’ savage workout

Done and dusted in 20 minutes, Joe Wicks’ savage HIIT is a step up from his usual YouTube content and great for getting the blood flowing.

Kayla Itsines’ full body workout

A good, all round full body workout from the fabulous, life changing Kayla Itsines, who has motivated women (and men) around the world with her no fuss, transformative videos.

Military fit (BMF) from Bear Grylls

Fancy a challenge? BMF is good for those who want to workout hard. Tommy provides guidance and instructions along the way, so even the more reluctant among us can follow the session.  

London Fitness Guy

Great for those of us with small spaces and tight schedules. This is a simple and effective series of exercises with minimal fuss.

Chloe Ting

Chloe’s two-week shred challenge is a good option when at home and trying to get fit. Her pre-recorded class is also great for those who are time poor and need a quick boost during the day.


Which will you choose? Or will you do all 5? 🙈