May Yoga Pose of the month

Mariachyasana C (mar-ee-chee-AHS-anna), literally means a ray of light (of the sun or moon). Marichi is the son of Brahma and chief of the Maruts ("shining ones"). The seated twist pose provides you with a great full body release as it stretches the shoulders, hips, and spine.


  • Massages abdominal organs, including the liver and kidneys
  • Stretches the shoulders
  • Stimulates the brain
  • Relieves mild backache and hip pain
  • Strengthens and stretches the spine


Step 1
Start in Dandasana. Bend the right knee and place your foot flat on the mat, a comfortable distance away from your hip.  

Step 2
Ground through both sitting bones and lengthen the spine.

Place your right hand or fingertips behind you for support.

Step 3
As you inhale, raise your left arm. Exhale and twist your upper back to the right.

Bring your left arm across the right leg, pressing the left upper arm against the outer right knee. Bend the left elbow, point your fingertips to the ceiling, and keep that hand active.

Step 4
With each inhalation, press the sitting bones into the floor and lengthen the spine.

With each exhalation see if you can twist a little further to the right. Be gentle.

Step 5
Keep the outstretched leg active.

Stay for 5 deep breaths.

Step 6
To come out of the pose, bring your gaze back to the front as you inhale, and release the arms and straighten both legs as you exhale.

Pause or take a Vinyasa before repeating on the other side.

Chrissy is a trained Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga teacher based in London. She trained at yoga London and is wearing M Life ombre top and bottoms and recommends our sage linen mat.


Do not attempt any poses that are not suitable for your level of practise or injury that you might be working with.

Please check with a trained professional

Namaste x