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What is your usual UK size in Bra’s?

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  • 14
  • 16
  • 18

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M Life meditations: part three

We’re delighted to share our third M Life meditation, part of a four-part series of short and easily replicable mental techniques and exercises to bring solace and peace to busy brains during testing times.

This week, we’re sharing our meditation for gratitude – a life-affirming practice which has a multitude of health benefits. It’s a wonderful mind clearer and great when we manage to snatch a quiet moment to ourselves.  

Thoughts of thanks – ten-minute meditation (depending on level of stress and time available).

  1. Think of a situation that is challenging or a situation that has been difficult and evolved over time.

  2. Focus on the situation and those who are either involved or influence how the situation can unfold or has unfolded.

  3. Reflect on those individuals and their role a few times, for approx. 30 seconds each.

  4. Do the above step again, but think about redeeming characteristics or good things those people bring or brought to the situation.

  5. Now think about what the situation entailed and why it was challenging. Identify the reasons and revisit each reason for a few times, holding each reason or image for 30 seconds or so each.

  6. Do the above step again but think about the positive things that could come out of or came out of the situation. Even if quite tough, focus on any aspects of personal growth or any realisations that have emerged or could emerge as a result.

  7. Think about the positives of the situation and the people together, filing them in away in the mind – yes, mentally file them in a filing cabinet!

  8. Repeat three times ‘I am grateful, and things can always change for the better’ while smiling, and conclude the meditation.