M Life meditations: part four

We’re delighted to share our final M Life meditation, part of a four-part series of short and easily replicable mental techniques and exercises to bring solace and peace to busy brains during testing times.

This week, we’re sharing our meditation for relaxation – because who doesn’t want to feel relaxed?

The Garden – 15 minute meditation (depending on level of stress and time available).

  1. Take a yoga mat or blanket, or find a rug to lie down on, and find two pillows.

  2. If possible, take one of the pillows and place under the knees with the feet planted on the floor, making a triangle with the legs.

  3. Take another pillow and place under the head.

  4. Close the eyes and breathe slowly, in through the nose for four counts, out through the mouth for four counts, while rotating the ankles and wrists. Do this for one or two minutes.

  5. While starting to relax, focus the mind on the image of a very large, landscaped and green garden on a summer day. Develop the image and hold the image and its details in the head.

  6. Now imagine the garden has many paths and these paths are starting to warm in the sun. Think about how the warmth of the sun feels on the head and back.

  7. Envisage yourself walking slowly down the nearest path with both arms outstretched, touching whatever plants or shrubs line the side of the path.

  8. Take a few minutes to wind through the paths with the mind before stopping at the end of one.

  9. Now imagine a water feature or fountain. Think about how it sounds and the reflection of the sun in the water of the water feature of foundation.

  10. Walk towards the fountain and run a hand or both hands through the water, thinking about the cool water on the hands and forearms.

  11. Sit down next to the fountain or water feature on the warm path and close the eyes, taking in the scent, sounds and feel of the surroundings.

  12. Begin the breathing exercise again for one or two minutes, while slowly moving the body, bringing the mind back to the present.