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M Life Mantras

This week at M Life we’re sharing some of our favourite mantras and wise words.

Cropping up at poignant times and sticking with us forever, as we grow and change these quotes and proverbs continue to enlighten us while providing a familiar reference point when we need it the most.
Rays of sunshine and anchors for turbulent times, we hope these sayings spread a little further and provide our M Life community with new ways of looking at the world.

Storms make trees take deeper roots
Ok so our first phrase doesn’t quite hail from the world of yoga – it was originally said by the wonderful Dolly Parton – but we can’t think of a more uplifting and sustaining piece of advice. Dolly’s words reassure us that if times are hard, they usually give way to something better, and help us develop resilience along the way.

Accept the things we cannot change
Somewhat loftier than our Dolly quote, this age-old saying comes from a religious community but has been adopted by believers and non-believers alike. This is something we find ourselves whispering repeatedly under our breath and works in almost any situation where we aren’t in control or cannot undo something that has happened. Recent incidents where we’ve clung onto this phrase include someone driving into the back of our car, not being able to get an Ocado delivery slot or during a run-in with a difficult person.

Don’t slide in other people’s s**t
Being empathetic, supportive and dedicated to others are wonderful and valuable character traits, but they also require a lot of energy and can mean taking on concerns and burdens that aren’t our own. Being a good, caring person can mean sacrificing a bit of ourselves at the same time. Remembering to limit how much we give to others is important for our sense of self-worth, as we must love ourselves in order to love others. Plus sometimes the drama just ain’t worth it – having a saying to remember this helps too.

A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it. It just blooms
Originating from the Shin school of Japanese Buddhism, this mantra is a wonderful reminder that comparisons often yield very little in the way of self-development. Being grounded and growing as a person is about looking inward – not outward. Without constant comparison and referrals to the outside world, we can see the beauty within us and have a greater awareness of who we are.

Have you got a mantra you’d like to share with M Life? Get in touch here.

Namaste x