Low and slow: in praise of staycations

Slow living is one of life’s greatest joys and the movement has gained real momentum in recent years. Living better, acting consciously, thinking holistically and being mindful of how we spend our time are at the core of living slowly.

Part of the slow living movement is holidaying locally, whether that’s in the great outdoors snuggled up in a yurt, making the most of boutique hotels nearby, or taking a day off to enjoy what’s on our doorstep.  

What’s more, travelling within the UK (and even better – staying put) reduces our impact on the environment, contributing to the balanced, purposeful ethos that lies at the heart of the slow living approach.

So while we’re unable to travel far and wide, let’s make the best of slow living, changing up our pace of life, and holidaying at home.


Our tips for staycationing


Carry on glamping

Yurts, shepherd’s huts, treehouses and tents are perfect for a paired back break and great for those of us who want to enjoy nature while relaxing in surroundings that are a little bit more luxurious than a typical camping site. As glamping is often self-catered and away from the hustle and bustle, we can maintain social distancing and following the rules too. Here are a few of our favourite sites for fancy camping and exploring the countryside:


City chic

The hospitality industries of the UK’s cities and larger towns are struggling in the current crisis as so many of us have had to desert urban areas to work from home. There are some wonderful boutique hotels and places to stay that are offering great rates for Christmas and beyond, in what would otherwise be their busiest periods. Not everyone will be comfortable with visiting a city or large town right now, and some areas remain inaccessible for the foreseeable future. But if we can visit or live within a reasonable distance from towns and cities with a once-lively small hotel scene, we have a few recommendations for supporting these businesses which are very much in need:


Escape to the country (and surrounding areas)

Nothing helps get rid of cabin fever like a change of scene and a brisk walk in the UK’s green and pleasant land. We’re so fortunate in the UK to have such an amazing and eclectic mix of places to stay at, visit and discover. For quirky options or to shake up our routines, we’re a bit fan of these sites to indulge our escapism and help us get away from it all (without straying too far from home):


Sea change

No one is an island but living on one really has its benefits. We have incredible beaches, seafronts and windswept walks. Coastal communities have been inundated this year as visitor numbers have surged due to travel restrictions, although there are still some places where it’s possible to find a bit of peace and avoid the crowds. It’s still important to help our seaside towns and villages survive and thrive in a safe and secure way. We love these rental sites for doing just that:


Holidaying at home

There’s nothing wrong with choosing to spend our precious and hard-earned holidays at home. So many businesses have found ways to innovate and bring joy – all we have to do is open the front door. Whether that’s through at-home meal kits or virtual events, there are so many ways to buy from suppliers, producers and shops which we normally visit in person, as well as engaging with small providers online. Here are our favourite options for enjoying some downtime without stepping outside, all the while keeping Britain’s businesses going: