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Living a yoga-inspired lifestyle

Yoga isn’t just an exercise phenomenon, it’s an art form, philosophy and way of living.

Despite the numerous yoga traditions and types, all belonging to different ways of living and thinking, the various styles are transcended by the benefits yoga can bring and values that unite the yoga community.

The principles that yoga is rooted in can bring so much to our lives. We’ve picked out our favourites for anyone looking to create and follow a yoga-inspired lifestyle:


When we carry tenses, grudges, stress, worry, anxiety and ill-feeling we are not the best version of ourselves. Practicing yoga aims to help us take stock of what’s important and undertake a sort of mental prioritisation, so that can find good where there is bad, tranquillity where there is confusion and comfort where there is pain.


We go to the gym, the hairdressers, the chiropractor, the osteopath, the physio and the beautician to keep our physical health and external appearance in check. But the inside is just as important as the outside; we should be looking after our mental as much as our physical wellbeing. Whether intentional or not, yoga is a form of mediation that provides mental self-care.


Oxygen literally keeps us alive and being aware of our body’s amazing capacity to respire is essential to loving ourselves and ensuring we do not cling to the world around us. When we bring awareness to our breathing and how we send oxygen around our body, we are not only concentrating and removing distractions, but valuing the incredible things are bodies can do. It’s also an important part of releasing tension and realising the strain we put ourselves under.


Recognising the circularity of life, seeking detachment from the physical things that take away our attention and reducing harm are essential to yoga. To be kind to ourselves, others, the world around us, while removing what weighs us down and prevents us from being conscious and enlightened, we can achieve balance, wellness and personal growth.