How to start the day the yoga way

Curating a morning routine is about starting the day right. Rituals are an important part of being (or striving to be) a yogi or simply creating the space to introduce a little zen into our daily schedule.

We’re no strangers to oversleeping or dipping into a coffee shop for a muffin and iced coffee on our way to work. However, we still have a tried and tested regimen to begin the day and start as we mean to go on. It also means we are less hard on ourselves on the days when we try and fail to be virtuous.

We hope you enjoy M Life’s morning routine and tips for how to start the day the yoga way.

But first, coffee (sort of)
We’re huge fans of a hot water, lemon and ginger tonic to start the day. It’s cleansing, easy on our digestive system and good for hydration. It also helps wake us up and get everything flowing before we start moving. (Don’t worry, the coffee follows quickly afterwards.)

Our recipe is standard mug of hot water, two slices and a squeeze of lemon, and two teaspoons of chopped up ginger (the powered stuff works too). If it’s a little too strong or we’re feeling naughty, we add a little honey. Delicious, refreshing and makes us feel fantastic without really doing anything.

Shake it off
Our preferred time to practice yoga or pilates is in the morning, after our lemon and ginger tonic. It’s a great energiser and we never regret it, even though dragging ourselves out of bed doesn’t feel great at the time. Starting off our session with an intention sets the right tone for the day and helps set aside any feelings of negativity and anxiety by focusing and being present.

If there isn’t time for a full 45 minute flow, we aim for at least five minutes of stretching, combined with breathing exercises and a quick guided mediation using one of the free tracks on Spotify. We find Headspace to be the best.

On mornings where we’re not rushing around so much, we attempt a combination of yoga, mindfulness and an extra-long Savasana, although this can be dangerous – we have been known to go back to sleep…

Food for the soul
Yoga is about spiritual alignment, awakening and feeding the soul. Fuelling the body is just as important too. However, after a morning of being our best selves, we don’t want to feel sluggish or undo all that good work by 11am. So our breakfasts typically consist of smoothie bowls, granola with yoghurt and fruit, or carb-light, protein rich smoked salmon and asparagus, turkey bacon and eggs, or spinach and edamame fritters a la Joe Wicks.


Do you have a similar routine? Or is it completely different? Share your morning routine with us here.