How to design an at-home wellness retreat

In the UK, we’re back in lockdown, which means finding new, creative ways of looking after ourselves and investing in our mental and physical health while we wait for the situation to improve.

In the run up to Christmas, and in the midst of uncertainty, it’s an especially good time to be kind to ourselves and punctate the next few weeks with a little luxury.

Our latest idea (hear us out) is to create a wellness and fitness retreat at home. It’s not about being locked in the bedroom for a week on a juice fast, but finding a few hours every few weeks to recentre, reset and restore.

M Life’s at-home wellness retreat

Step one: book some time into a busy schedule

It’s hard to hunker down at home. Try to deliberately set aside time for wellness and not be distracted by daily life. The reason wellness retreats typically happen somewhere quiet and secluded is to help us relax and be present. Do the same at home.

Step two: find a quiet, warm yet light-filled room

If possible, look for and then takeover (noting this can be more difficult in reality…) a space at home that might provide a more peaceful, serene setting for a wellness day or for some ‘me time’. Fill this full of incense, cushions, throws and yoga accessories. Lots of snacks, water and herbal teas are good too.

Step three: explore a few wellness activities

Maybe start with a hot bath and Epsom salts, an online yoga session, meditation, or journaling. Whatever works – go for it – but it’s important to focus fully on these activities and make them achievable as a combination of things. This is a mini wellness retreat after all, don’t over do it or feel guilty for not ‘completing’ the wellness session.

Step four: stop altogether

In addition to a schedule of different wellness-orientated pursuits, take time to sit, be still, lie down, listen to some music and just be. This is where we can really benefit from the gains of the other activities we’ve attempted.

Step five: try some pampering

Facemasks, essential oils, an at-home facial or even just using a foam roller can add the feeling that we’re in an exclusive ‘spa’ to our wellness day. Everything and anything goes.

Step six: reflect and think on how the wellness retreat went

After finishing the session or wellness day, look back at the retreat and reflect a little. Why did a wellness retreat seem like a good idea? What was great about it? What wasn’t so good? This is a crucial part of wellness, just in the same way eating what we like and trying expensive face creams counts as wellness too.