yoga for runners

Yoga for Runners


Yoga for runners. Practiced together, yoga and running have multi-fold mental and physical benefits. Yoga’s focus on opening and stretching the body, relaxing the mind, and harnessing the breath, can support and compliment the cardiovascular benefits of running. They work together to improve your health and fitness, relieve stress, and support your general well-being.
Yoga and running have more in common than you might realise.

Strength and flexibility, breathing, mental focus, and balance are all important aspects of both yoga and running. After the initial push to get going, runners often speak of ‘getting into the zone’. This quiet mental state is similar to what we learn in yoga. When practiced side-by-side we can move deeper into both practices.

The awareness of the breath we gain in yoga can be transferred to improve our breathing patterns during a run. It enables us to move with ease and clarity. Some yoga for runners use ‘Ujjayi’ (‘ocean breath’) before a run to create heat and rhythm in the body.

Yoga strengthens muscles to improve running form.

Yoga’s ability to stretch the body and relieve tension can alleviate the high impact effect of running. Through yoga practice we strengthen our muscles, which can enhance our running performance, and give our joints and bones extra support and protection. Yoga postures also release lactic acid from muscles after a run.

Yoga for runners

Running is a great stretch for the heart but can be heavy on the joints, particularly the hips and knees. Here are some excellent postures to support your running.

– Surya Namaskara (sun salutations): prepare or unwind from a run. Create rhythm in the body and awaken the muscles and breath.

– ‘Anjaneyasana’ (low lunge) and ‘Eka Pada Rajakapotasana’ (pigeon pose): open and stretch the hips.

– ‘Virabhadrasana’(warrior pose): strengthen the legs, ankles and knees. Build support in the core.

– ‘Savasana’ (corpse pose): provide the body with time to recoup and rest.

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