Creating a Home Yoga Studio


We have been pinning away like crazy on Pinterest making an interiors board and it’s gotten us craving our own mini home yoga studio. If you have the space to create your own yoga spot, even if it’s just the corner of a quiet room that can be easily converted back into living space, consider some of these ideas to make it a de-stressing, chilled environment.
Find somewhere with natural light

Natural sunlight is great for getting a little vitamin D, if you live somewhere sunny, then outdoors is even better, but if you’re approaching cold and winter like we are in London, somewhere with large windows where you can get some light flooding in is best. Artificial lighting can also be good if you want it to feel more cosy, some dimmed lighting, maybe fairy lights or a few pretty lamps would create a really lovely vibe.

Find somewhere quiet and alone

Maybe not in the kids playroom where you might accidentally step on some lego in the middle of a sun salutation. We kitted out Ambassador Niki Wibrow recently for tutorials on bathroom yoga which is ideal if you don’t have much space, but if you have a balcony, private garden, office space or somewhere where you won’t be disturbed then that is great too. Some people also like to play music whilst doing yoga, or if you prefer silence that’s something to bear in mind when finding a spot to practise.

Get decorating

This is the fun part, there’s a number of things you can add to your mini studio to create a calm, personalised vibe. We love candles, incense, oil burners or diffusers, scents are so important to keep you relaxed and to take you away from the stress of the day. You could also decorate with some plants or shells to bring you back to nature, make sure the plants are not ones that require a lot of upkeep, so orchids, aloe vera, cactus etc. You could also drape some fabrics or frame some art on the walls to really complete your space, it’s worth considering a colour tone, whether you want it warm and cosy or bright and airy.

Have at look at our Pinterest board below for ideas.

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