Asana of the Week: Vrikshasana


Name: Vrikshasana /Vrkshasana/Tree Pose
Stretches: Legs, back and arms
Body benefits: Strengthens knees and ankles, improves balance and posture
Mind benefits: Improves concentration, focus and memory
Level: Basic

Vrikshasana or Vrkshasana translates literally as “vrksha” – tree and “asana” – pose. The tree pose is said to improve your ability to concentrate, due to the calm and focus on stability during the pose. It can also help to prepare you for times when you might feel “off-balance”. Vrikshasana can aid with a variety of issues including sciatica and bad posture, as well as strengthening the leg muscles and joints. It’s best to take your time with balancing asanas, make sure your lifted foot isn’t putting pressure on your standing knee and balance your weight evenly across your standing foot.