Benefits of Cycling

Five Benefits of Cycling


The benefits of cycling are numerous, we’ve rounded up the top five to help you get motivated this Summer. Why pick cycling over running? Well…

1. Low Impact
If you are a keen runner but suffer from running-related injuries, cycling is the perfect low-impact workout that still gets you outside and active. On a bike you can go further for longer without experiencing the same inflammation, soreness and muscle damage that can occur with long-distance runs.

2. Travel Faster
Cycling instead of walking means you’ll get everywhere faster, while it also offers a much greener alternative to driving, as well as the ability to avoid traffic and great alternative to public transport. If you already own a bike it’s a completely free form of transport, if you don’t, it’s often very easy to pick on up for less than £100 on local buy and sell sites, you’ll be sure to save over time in comparison to petrol or transport costs.

3. Social
It’s the perfect activity for the whole family, or even a bike ride with friends. There is a huge cycling community, it’s easy to find some really useful websites like which is great for finding other cycling enthusiasts to join you, as well as sites that show you the nearest bike paths. Taking up cycling could be the perfect hobby if you’ve recently moved to help you find new friends!

4. It has Health Benefits over Running
Cycling has all the main cardiovascular benefits of running, but you get some added extras when you hop on a bike, including better balance and increased muscle mass from extra resistance as you ride. It’s also lower impact so you’re less likely to suffer from conditions related to running such as knee or back issues.

5. Fun
There’s a reason bike rides are a timeless favourite enjoyed by the whole family, it’s the kind of activity where you can have fun at any age and even any environment. Cities are the perfect place to ride around and visit local attractions and countryside bike rides can result in some beautiful scenery. So what are you waiting for?

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