Mindless Eating


It’s important to pay attention to what you’re eating, we know that already of course, but how often do you actually sit down with no distractions and eat a meal? In the Manuka Life office we are always nibbling away on snacks as we work, sipping endless milky coffees and eating lunch at our desks. This type of behaviour is common in today’s workplace but actually a pretty unhealthy way to eat. If you’re doing mindless eating or eating without realising it you don’t always get that satisfied feeling of taking a break, enjoying your food and then getting on with the rest of the day. You can end up over-eating without realising it because you’re not listening to your body as it tells you you’re full or thirsty or how much it needs to function.
Listen to your body, before you start snacking just for something to do with your hands, are you even hungry? If you are, make a smart choice and give your body something healthy to sustain you between meals, there’s nothing wrong with snacking if you’re giving yourself nutrition; this is called intuitive or mindful eating. A lot of snacking is triggered by something else though, a craving, boredom or habit, the more sugary snacks you eat, the more you’ll crave it through the day, you don’t actually need them and it might be worth trying to train yourself to snack smarter.

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Intuitive eating is a great excuse to take a break, take some time to prepare yourself for the day over breakfast in the mornings, take a break from working at lunch and go back refreshed in the afternoon, unwind with dinner in the evenings to relax before bed. This means leaving the TV off while you eat, not scrolling through social media on your phone, your main focus should be on your food and every bite you take. Be aware and enjoy the flavours and textures of what you’re eating, what’s the point of buying delicious food, spending time seasoning and tweaking recipes, making sure it’s just right to not even pay attention as you eat it? If you concentrate on enjoying food and you’ll find that you walk away far more satisfied.

So we’re taking our own advice and making a change here, treating ourselves a bit and leaving our desks everyday for half an hour to sit together and eat lunch with no distractions (other than maybe a bit of gossiping, of course).

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