Five benefits of meditation


Meditation has been reported to have numerous benefits for all ages, The Guardian recently examined the evidence for introducing meditation into schools, for students and teachers due to it’s effectiveness in so many areas, from reducing aggression to improving ability to learn. For example:

1. Mood boosting effects
Meditation is known for it’s stress and tension relief, it’s proven to boost your mood through out the day and give you a greater capability to deal with challenging situations. Plus it also means sleep patterns are often improved, all of which has fantastic benefits for your mental health and ability to deal with stressful and challenging situations.

2. Self discipline
There’s been studies to suggest people who practice mindful meditation experience a larger pause between their unconscious impulses and actual action, it’s been credited to help with addiction as well as reduce emotional eating. If there’s a goal you want to achieve, meditation could help you have more control over your actions and emotions.

3. Improved capability for learning
Meditation is proven to increase grey-matter concentration in the brain, which is associated with learning, memory, self-awareness, compassion, and introspection. Meditation can also improve creativity and focus, making it a useful tool whether you’re at work or at school.

4. Physical health benefits
Meditation reduces risk of heart diseases and stroke, this ties in to the stress relief which helps your metabolism, lowers blood pressure, and regulates your heart rate. It also means you sleep better at night which is well known to do wonders for your body’s immune system and general wellbeing.

5. Better chance at conceiving
There have also been studies which found mothers-to-be had a higher chance of getting pregnant with regular meditation. The reduced blood pressure, less anxiety and improved sleep made women more likely to conceive, but also problems with breastfeeding were reduced in mothers who meditated regularly.

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