Manuka Life’s #inspiringwomen: Sarah Mac


Manuka Life’s #inspiringwomen is our brand new feature talking to some of our favourite inspirational women, we will be asking them our essential five questions to find out a little more about what makes them unique, as well as to hopefully spread a little positivity.
To start off, we are leading by example and managed to grab a quick chat with our very own creative director, Sarah Mac, who is by far the busiest person at Manuka Life HQ.

manuka life inspiring sarah image 2

Q: How many times do you aim to exercise per week/how many times do you actually exercise and what is you favourite thing to do?
A: It varies, on average I would say I aim for twice a week. Realistically, I would say I manage once. My favourite exercise is yoga yoga yoga of course!

Q: What is your favourite dish to stay healthy and which food can you not live without?
A: To stay healthy, coconut oil on everything is my thing, particularly when cooking things like fish and kale, even spreading it on toast. So although I can’t live without coconut oil, I’d also have to say chocolate and crisps.

Q: Which three women inspire you?
A: My best friend of 18 years is someone who really inspires me, she’s a very strong person, consistent with her morals and just grabs life by the cojones.
I would also have to say my mum. Life has dealt her quite a difficult hand which would break some people but instead she used it to her advantage, she gives me a lot of strength, support and unconditional love.
Iris Apfel recently inspired me in her documentary, her relationship with her husband was beautiful and child-like, plus her sense of passion for how important history is to our future and design and how generationally we’ve lost this integrity.

Q: What do you consider your greatest achievement so far?
A: Working my way up the career ladder without higher education, just pure determination and hard work.

Q: What are your favourite three things about yourself physically, emotionally and mentally?
A: Physically: Boobs, particularly the left one.
Emotionally: I would say my empathy for others, I’ve always been able to put myself in other people’s shoes.
Mentally: I think some of my weaknesses are also my strengths, I tend to over-think things but that comes in handy when it comes to work as it means I have good attention to detail.