Manuka Life’s #inspiringwomen: Rebecca Pearson


You may recognise Rebecca Pearson as one of our brand ambassadors, but you may not know that she’s also a pro blogger over at ModelTypeFace as well as being interviewed on BBC News about her specialist subject, the modelling industry. In her own words:

“My main passion is words: I always have my head in a book, and if it’s not in a book then I’m writing for my website Modeltypeface or newspapers such as The Telegraph. Modeltypeface is a platform for dispensing advice to other models – something that is sorely lacking in the industry – and a safe place for them to come and ask questions. I’ve done yoga for years, but I’ve started again, learning the basics thoroughly, so that I can do it properly. I’m very enthusiastic about my yoga journey, so working with Manuka Life is a perfect fit!”

Q: How many times do you aim to exercise per week/how many times do you actually exercise and what is you favourite exercise to do?
A: I aim to do exercise classes 3 times a week: 2 yogas and a Pilates. The rest of my exercise is just integrated into my life: I love walking at speed everywhere (my boyfriend says I look like a Russian soldier in my clompy boots, marching in straight lines!), I rush up escalators (most of the time) and I swim constantly when I’m on holiday.
My favourite exercise is yoga, because it does so much for me – I find I have greater energy, I feel more balanced in every way and actually, I have a leaner, more toned appearance compared to when I was running/doing HIIT classes (which I abhorred!). I really like Iyengar to learn the pose alignments thoroughly but I also need to do some flow yoga too. I find the two compliment one another.

Q: What food can you not live without?
A: I can’t live without bananas! I just love bananas! I have one every morning and always have, and I never get bored of them. Sometimes I have to cut sugar completely out of my diet for health reasons and I miss bananas much more than chocolate. I like them plain, in smoothies, with yogurt or smeared with crunchy peanut butter. Mmm!

Q: Which three women inspire you?
A: Kate Bush inspires me because…Well…She is Kate Bush! She’s just completely on her own planet and so creative and earnest and prolific.
Patti Smith inspires me because, once again, she followed her own path and calling and her music is incredible.
My Gran inspires me because she comes out with corkers like ‘well, when you’ve given birth alone in India, pain isn’t so scary’. She grew up in India and saw a lot of strife and struggle throughout her life, like her Dad abandoning her, but came through fighting and she has been a really strong influence in my family’s life. At 95 she is still living independently and if she sets her mind on something she will go out and achieve it.

Q: What one thing are you most proud of doing?
A: I’ll be honest with you – I’m proud of lots of things! I really feel like people should celebrate their achievements more, be it completing a 2k jog for the first time or becoming CEO of a massive company. I’m probably proudest of buying my flat, because it was the result of years of hard work and saving, and living alone was something I had dreamed of for years! I’m grateful for it every day.

Q: What are your favourite three things about yourself?
A: Physically: I like my torso, as even when I put weight on, my waist remains quite small and defined, plus everyone thinks I have abs but it’s just been the shape of my stomach since I was a young kid!
Emotionally: I am a very loving friend – once someone has my loyalty I will do anything for them. I find that the more generous you are with your love and your energy, the better you feel.
Mentally: Once I have my mind set on something I will nag and nag and nag at it until I’ve got it.

Rebecca Pearson

Check out Rebecca’s blog and social media here:

Facebook: /modeltypeface
Twitter: @rebeccapearson
Instagram: @1rebeccapearson