Manuka Life’s #inspiringwomen: Colby Hanks


Manuka Life’s #inspiringwomen is our exciting new feature talking to some of our favourite inspirational women, we are asking them our essential five questions to find out a little more about what makes them unique, as well as to hopefully spread a little positivity.

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Today is the turn of Colby Hanks, Manuka Life ambassador and yoga instructor who splits her time between London and Texas; she also set up Slice Fitness Studios, offering a full range of super fun classes just around the corner from the Manuka Life office in Parson’s Green. Although you may recognise her as a finalist on brilliant TV show, “Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team” where she unsurprisingly won the fan favourite vote.

Q: How many times do you aim to exercise per week/how many times do you actually exercise and what is you favourite exercise to do?
​A: I aim to exercise “most days” and typically end up working out 4-6 days per week. Going for an outdoor​ run ​of any duration ​or a yoga class​ works wonders. I​ definitely​ feel better ​on all levels ​when I’m working out regularly​.

Q: What food can you not live without?
​A: ​Greens​. Whether it’s a substitution for a side dish, spirulina powder in my chocolate mousse, lettuce in place of buns, or a handful of rocket under my morning eggs, I add greens any chance I get. It goes a long way to help keep my energy levels high.

Q: Which three women inspire you?
​A: My mom and sisters have always inspired me and their influence continues to grow over time. They know just how to bring me back to reality and how to offer me a boost when I need it most, but most of all they inspire me with their dedication to the things and people they love.

Q: What one thing are you most proud of doing?
​​​A: I’m proud of having taken risks, especially as we launched Slice Fitness Studios in Fulham. It feels great to walk through the doors and see it thriving now. It’s a place that will always feel like home.

Q: What are your favourite three things about yourself?
Physically: I appreciate my smile. I think of it as a weapon to battle discouragement, and I love having a silent way of greeting and connecting with the people around me.
Mentally: I’m thankful for ambition, instilled in me mainly by friends, family and coaches over the years.
Emotionally: I’m most grateful for my faith. Faith taught me the meaning of love and grace helps me make the most of my little role in the world.

Check out Colby’s website here for more information about her as well as where you can find her classes.