Autumn Winter 15 – Spirited Away – Behind The Scenes


The signature print for this Autumn Winter ’15 collection is the new monochrome jacquard, in a thicker, warmer fabric for Autumn Winter. This statement pattern is featured on seamless leggings, long sleeve seamless top and the new double layered seamless bra, the extra warmth was ideal as our photo shoot took place at the beginning of May, which although technically Spring, was still very windy and surprisingly chilly. The graphic geometric print was inspired by Bridget Riley’s warped patterns of the 1960s, Creative Director, Sarah fell in love with the optical illusions of transforming shapes and created a new design based on this artistic style.

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Camber sands and Dungeness provided a very windswept, seaside feel, as we’re a british company and this collection is all about the sea and being “Spirited Away” it only made sense to represent this in the location. The lyrics of Martha’s Harbour by All About Eve were a big inspiration for this collection which tied in nicely with the nautical, beachfront setting.


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In Dungeness we came across late filmmaker, Derek Jarman’s Poetic Garden at Prospect Cottage with his standing stones and dolmens. The beautiful wooden poetry wall featuring a verse from John Donne’s poem, The Sun Rising, the weathered surroundings and bright accents felt especially British against the rugged coastline.


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The Gallivant in Camber was the most beautiful indoor location for the shoot, along with lovely accommodation and catering. The hotel is right on the beach, surrounded by golden sands in every direction, rustic, driftwood accents are offset by modern luxury, all in a muted, nautical setting. These contrasting themes tie together to create the perfect rustic hideaway.

Our make-up artist used some of our favourite beauty brands including MAC, Laura Mercier and Nars to enhance model Sarah’s look and give a warm, wintery glow to her skin whilst still keeping it natural looking and obviously daytime and beach appropriate.

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The jewellery used to compliment our collection was from a selection available in our boutique by Shalke Jewellery. The silver third eye chakra necklace represents seeing and understanding, while the gold, solar plexus chakra necklace is about the core of your personality, the perception of who you are. We love that the jewellery Shalke makes has depth and significance, perfect for studying meditation or yoga.