Superfoodio Snack Boxes – Review


Getting food boxes delivered to your door has become the latest trend in healthy snacking, it’s convenient, so easy and offers you a variety of things that you maybe haven’t tried before. We recently received two delicious presents from Superfoodio who may have only popped up within the past year but are becoming one of the top choices for convenient and healthy treats. Superfoodio generously gifted us a mini and classic box from their range and informed us that the cereals, snacks, drinks included in their boxes are their alternatives to today’s common sugar or caffeine-fix choices. All ingredients are naturally sourced, promote clean eating and give genuine sustained energy, all of which sounded great to us and perfect for our yogi lifestyles.
One of our favourite things about the boxes was that although there were snacks for on the go, perfect to nibble on at our desks, they also came with at least one ingredient and recipe idea; this is ideal if you’re faced with healthy ingredients and have no idea how to turn them into something delicious, (we are totally guilty of this).

superfoodio image2

Here’s what what was inside. Firstly, the mini box:

Elephant food – Superfood berry, quinoa and cocoa “mega mix”.
Om bar – Açai and blueberry chocolate
Mirabillia – Organic olive leaf and pomegranate tea
Pip & Nut – Coconut almond butter
Superfoodio ingredient – Buckwheat flakes

Recipe: Overnight figs and buckwheat breakfast jar
This recipe is brilliant and you can easily customise it to put your favourite fruits in along with the buckwheat flakes. You then just leave it overnight and grab an on-the-go breakfast the next morning.

The larger, classic box:

Go macro – Cashew butter macrobar
Drink maple – Organic maple water
gimMe – Roasted seaweed snacks
Cru8 – Parmesano kale crisps (gluten & dairy free)
Teatox – Daily balance organic wellness tea
Swedish by nature – Sesame and spice crisp bread sticks
Om bar – Açai and blueberry chocolate
Superfoodio ingredient – Buckwheat flakes

superfoodio image4

Recipes: Winter warmer buckwheat bowl and a fruitful buckwheat crumble.
Another two completely different recipe ideas for the buckwheat flakes, both look surprisingly easy and delicious, the winter warmer buckwheat bowl soup-type-dish would especially be the ideal lunch to bring into the office on cold wintery days.

The thing we loved the most about these boxes was being introduced to new, healthy ingredients. Our favourite bit was definitely the chocolate, we’re all chocoholics and absolutely loved the açai and blueberry bar, the olive leaf and pomegranate tea was immediately snapped up by our graphic designer who had tried it before and couldn’t stop raving about how delicious it was. The maple water was something none of us had tried, but it claims to have half the sugar of the super trendy coconut water and more manganese than the even trendier, kale. As well as this it has “46 nutrients: vitamins, minerals, polyphenols, antioxidants, electrolytes & prebiotics” as well as being high in iron and calcium; possibly the newest popular superfood?
The boxes are available as a one off purchase for you to try or as a subscription to get a little discount and receive one monthly. We would definitely recommend trying them out, everything in the box was so delicious and the Manuka Life office was nearly fighting over the last of the treats (if we weren’t so enlightened, obviously).

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Check out Superfoodio’s website here for more information on the boxes and subscriptions as well as they’re blog with some amazing recipe ideas.