Five Ways to Squeeze in a Workout When You Don’t Have the Time


We like to keep busy here at Manuka Life, working hard to design and make all our beautiful clothes for you, so we don’t have loads of hours spare to workout everyday. I’m sure many of you have the same problem with working or looking after little ones it’s often difficult to find the time to squeeze in a workout, so we’ve compiled some of our favourite ways to stay active without that elusive luxury, free time.

1. Working out during ad breaks
If you’ve had a long day dealing with people and problems and just want to stay in and watch your favourite show, try working out during the ad breaks, you can rest/stretch for 15 minutes at a time then do some push-ups/crunches/jog for each 4 minute ad break. Mixing it up each time the adverts come on means you won’t get bored and it gives you a realistic time limit to push yourself through to the end of the break.

2. Dancing
Dancing is one of the most enjoyable ways to squeeze in a workout when you don’t have the time to go to a class or go out in the evening with friends, pop on a music channel or your favourite playlist and dance around the house, you won’t even notice you’re getting a workout until you stop to breathe. Letting go and dancing around on your own is a great stress reliever and this works even better if you’re getting some cleaning done at the same time; hoovering the living room can become slightly less mind numbing if you’re blasting out Beyoncé while you do it AND it doubles as an extra-workout because you’re using more muscles. Win-win.

3. Investing in your own gym equipment
Going to the gym can be a hassle in itself, if you have kids you can’t exactly leave them on their own for an hour or two whenever you feel like it, it means picking out the perfect gym outfit, travelling to and from the gym which can be longer than your workout as well as costing a bomb. Instead of that £40 a month membership it might be wiser to invest in some of the equipment for your house, you can get a cross trainer and some weights online pretty cheaply, especially in comparison to a years membership, stick them in the spare room to use whenever you have a spare 20 mins or so. Obviously if you’re the type to use lots of different bits of equipment, have very limited space or enjoy the change of environment/social aspect of the gym then this isn’t ideal but it’s something many people don’t usually consider.

4. Choosing the stairs
I know, I know, this is an obvious one that’s always being said but honestly, it really is a good option (depending of course on how often you’re travelling upwards). Making sure you always take the stairs instead of the lift/escalator will mean at various points throughout your day you’re getting a mini-workout which really adds up when you stop to do the maths. You’ll start to notice that the billion stairs up to your office that at first left you struggling to breath with jelly legs soon become effortless which is a pretty rewarding feeling. If you live close to work but always drive, try walking/cycling instead or if you get the bus maybe get off a stop or two earlier and walk the rest, it’s such a simple change and makes for a sustainable way of keeping fit.

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5. Commit to a class
If you have the time for the gym but are the type to always find an excuse not to, try committing to a class instead, this makes it a lot harder to cancel your workout if you’ve committed to it and paid for it. Rather than saying “I’ll go to the gym right after I’ve made dinner/tidied/watched this show” all evening until it’s 10pm, the gym is closed and “oh well I’ll go tomorrow”, you’re kind of forced to make the time. We are definitely guilty of this, so putting aside every Tuesday evening for an hour means you’ll need a much stronger excuse to get out of it and has the useful aspect of an instructor to stop you from giving up as easily when you’re exhausted.

You can combine a few or even all of these and find yourself feeling much fitter in no time without having to sacrifice a lot of your time which we know is precious. It may sound exhausting but the more exercise you get, down the line you’ll find you have much more energy to face the day, just make sure you remember to stay hydrated.

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