Doing a Three Day Juice Cleanse


Guest post by Lucy Overs

Let me start by saying I am not the “juice cleanse” type, I have never felt the temptation to buy a juicer and I eat far too many cheeseburgers and pizzas, although I do love yoga (obviously) I am basically the furthest thing from a health-nut. Despite that, I’m feeling positive, I don’t drink enough water, I don’t sleep well and I get tired a lot and hopefully I can come out the other side of this experience feeling fresh and ready to make some lifestyle changes. I’ve also never really dieted before so the novelty of a juice cleanse is still maintaining my interest, but I get the feeling that will wear off very quickly. Radiance Cleanse have kindly sent me a three day supply of their juices, Radiance have a background in nutrition which is the main benefit over making juices yourself and all their juices are raw, fresh and organic. They sent a really helpful pre-cleanse guide with diet suggestions for the few days before, this was to basically just eat as healthily and as possible with no caffeine or alcohol, at this point I’m really looking forward to seeing how I feel afterwards.

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Juice 1 – Mint Lemonade – Water, lemon juice, limejuice, maple syrup, mint, cayenne.
Juice 2 – Power Green – Cucumber, pear, celery, lemon, wheatgrass, spinach.
Juice 3 – Cashew Milk – Water, cashews, maple syrup, coconut butter, Himalayan pink salt.
Juice 4 – Rise & Shine – Pineapple, orange, lemon, ginger root, turmeric root.
Juice 5 – Vital Green – Cucumber, apple, lime, spinach, flat leaf parsley.

As suggested, I avoided caffeine and alcohol for the three days prior but went out for pizza with my family so didn’t quite stick to the pre-cleanse diet suggestion. I didn’t realise how pathetically hard I would find eating healthily, it’s quite embarrassing that I can’t go a weekend without eating pizza at least once. I’ve been sent the summer cleanse from Radiance and they all actually look delicious, I’ve always been a huge fruit fan so was actually really keen to try out some of these. They arrived in a cute cool-bag in a box with a note and some guidelines. They also included some mini juice shots and coconut water, which was a lovely surprise. Juice 1 was a Mint Lemonade and really delicious, the cayenne left my mouth burning afterwards but I was really pleasantly surprised by how tasty it was. Juices 2 and 3 I was less a fan of, the “Power Green” tasted quite nice but it had a vegetabley aftertaste that I couldn’t get used to, and juice 2 was the Cashew Milk which again wasn’t too bad and still pretty easy to drink. Once those two are out of the way it was a real treat to drink juice 4, Rise & Shine which was pineapple based and by far my favourite, I’ll be looking into getting more of these once the cleanse it over because they’re summer in a bottle. It was at this point that my flatmates started cooking dinner and I had to hide in my room with my final juice because it smelt far too good and I was already missing food.

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I started realising by day two that it’s the habit that’s hard to break rather than actually feeling hungry, the first thing I normally do when I get to work is get a coffee so heading to my desk without one feels strange and the evenings are normally punctuated with dinner and snacks, something to look forward to and signal relaxation at the end of the day. I didn’t feel much healthier 24 hours in, kind of dizzy but I’m told that’s normal, also, caffeine withdrawals were causing tiredness and I was already planning exactly what I’m going to eat on Thursday as soon as I’m allowed real food. The tiny juice shots are insane by the way, packed full of raw ginger and lemon juice, I could in no way actually do one as a shot and just down the whole thing and have a lot of respect for anyone who does, but as a lemon/ginger fan I was actually really enjoying sipping them once you get used to how strong they are. Today I’ve been recommended not to do anything strenuous and stick to yoga which is perfect as lunch-time is something to normally look forward to but even though I keep re-reading my cleanse welcome pack it still doesn’t say “at this point it’s best to eat a cheeseburger” anywhere, so treating myself to some yoga will have to do. Overall the second day was actually easier, I enjoyed the juices more, thought about food less and felt pretty optimistic.

I felt pretty good by this point, whether that’s getting used to the cleanse or looking forward to eating something I’m not sure but the day went pretty quickly with much less temptation to eat which is good. I still felt a bit dizzy at times but concentrating on getting work done was easy. What’s strange is how quickly I’ve gotten used to the juices, on day one the mint lemonade left my tongue burning from the cayenne but today I didn’t even notice it, similarly with juice two where I originally found the aftertaste unpleasant, now it doesn’t bother me at all. I’m also surprised at how I don’t actually feel that hungry, aside from briefly in the evenings where I’m so used to eating loads, but it’s more the cravings and routine that made me want to eat. There’s a huge sense of accomplishment in finishing the final juice, I’m genuinely surprised I managed to do it especially when the temptation to raid the cupboards was so strong but sticking it out was absolutely worth it.

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Overall, it was surprisingly easy to stick to, given that you’re told exactly what to and not to consume, plus the fact that it was only three days, diets can be vague, you might allow yourself one slip-up and with no end in sight, give in and end up eating an entire pasta bake. That’s a lot harder to do on something this strict. I eased back into my normal diet as suggested with fruit and veg the first day followed by slowly introducing carbs and meat over the next 2-3 days. I feel a lot more aware of what I’m putting in my body after seeing how changing my lifestyle so dramatically has affected how I feel physically. The one thing I and other people noticed was how much better my skin looked, I didn’t wear any make-up for the three days either in the interest of detoxing, my skin is quite well-behaved anyway and the hydration and goodness from the juices just wiped away any bags or redness which is great. If you’re considering a cleanse then Radiance honestly could not have been better, they were always ready to answer any questions I had and the welcome pack provides you with so much information as well as amazing recipes for the days after the cleanse. Getting a nutritionist to design your diet and the pure amount of fruit and veg packed into each bottle is worth the price alone, as well as of course, the huge improvement in sense of well-being.

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Radiance Cleanse is available online, we did the Summer Cleanse: £199 for 3 days at 5 juices per day.