A Day in the Life: Sophie Thomas


Guest post by model/blogger/fitness trainer Sophie Thomas – @sofitee

MORNING: I am a big believer in early mornings. I often have to get up for work very early anyway, (think around 5/6am – sometimes even earlier) not because it takes me a lightyear to get there on time, but because my morning routine is absolutely essential for me. I go a little bit crazy without setting myself up for the day beforehand – even just a five minute ritual is enough to spark my creative engine. I mean, I understand why people think that morning routines come across as ‘pretentious’ – the rise of the work-at-home InstaBlogger takes some of the blame for this – or solely for people who have the luxury of time, but I assure you that is one such luxury I do not have! Everyday I am with clients, at the Bodyism gym, working on my own wellness/mental health brand or pushing my modelling career. I am incredibly lucky to be doing things I love doing – but I got to that stage by working hard, remaining committed and positive, and above all, having a set routine which makes accomplishing goals a whole lot easier. With that said, onto my morning routine!


The first thing I do is make my bed. It sounds outrightly obvious, but the truth is it sets an intention of orderliness, organisation, calm and productivity for the day ahead. Actions speak louder than words, and while affirmations and journaling certainly help set forth your tasks into motion (I absolutely love scribbling a bit of creative writing down in the mornings), ultimately, if you’re all talk and no walk in your life, you’ll get nowhere. So start small – make your bed, and see how much better your day flows.

Next I do a little yoga routine – even just a five minute flow helps enormously – to stretch out any tightness and set my intention for the day. I like having a little silent meditation after, noting a positive emotion or feeling that I want to embolden in myself and impart onto others for the rest of the day. It helps confront any negative narratives in my head trying to drag me down and give me the right mindset for the day ahead (which is everything!). I am a bit useless at beauty rituals – I think the age of 23 gives you simultaneous youth and short-sightedness in term of skin healthcare – but I am trying to fix that! I like putting on a nice little daycream or scrub my lips with coconut sugar just to help me feel a bit more awake and protect myself against the inevitable onslaught of Autumnal winds. Ok, now I’m starting to sound like one of those Instabloggers.


Tea and coffee wise – I tend to avoid the typical stuff because of my anxiety, and even having a cup of coffee at 11am will mean I will be staring at the ceiling in bed that night, trying to figure out the exact scientific theory of what will happen when the Universe will end. Instead, I opt for green tea (much, much lower levels of caffeine but gives me that little buzz – placebo effect is a powerful thing indeed) or any weird and wonderful assortment of herbal teas like Pukka or Positivitea. Breakfast is usually a plant based protein shake (such as Form) with some oats or avocado on toast (reaching peak fitness blogger levels here), then with that, I’m out the door, chipper and fresh thanks to a great morning.

LUNCH: So my day can be entirely predictable or unpredictable depending what the focus is. If it’s modelling, I normally have a couple of castings, take digis at my agency if a client wants to see me, and maybe see some of my girlfriends on the board for a healthy lunch at Farm Girl or Ethos, as we tend to go to similar castings anyway. If it’s a job, I’m on location/at the studio most of the day and bring back-up healthy snacks just in case the catering is abysmal, (it actually hasn’t happened to me on jobs in London as clients are aware of the obsession with quinoa and kale currently sweeping the nation) such as vegan protein bars, nuts, energy balls, or even a little salad of sorts. Right now I’ve recently taken on my dream fitness role as a personal trainer with Bodyism at one of their bases in Mayfair, so sometimes I have a very fitness-orientated day with clients and representing the Bodyism philosophy and brand! It gets pretty quiet in there, so I bring books and a laptop to study and further my knowledge of human anatomy, movement, and nutrition, as well as building up my own brand/blog and writing about mental health awareness. Lunch is something plant-based and high in protein – usually leftovers from the night before, like chickpea coconut curry with quinoa and greens.



My workouts tend to be either in the Bodyism studio, or elsewhere if I am being a model nomad for the day – think yoga studios or pilates if I’m out and about, or hitting the heavy weights and HIIT when I’m at my base. What can I say, I’m all about that yin/yang life! Movement is the source of our creativity, imagination, and the foundation of being human…so for me, it’s just a non-negotiable to partake in it. It doesn’t have to be intense or soul destroying at all – if you don’t do things you enjoy regularly, you’ll go insane – but it’s the nature of the human spirit to be pushed and forever learning. I’ve also recently taken up Muay Thai and MMA at a really cool place in London, as I’ve always had an affinity for martial arts and self-defence, so practice that once or twice a week late in the evenings. (Plus, apparently beating people up provide amazing therapy for you. Yin/yang, am I right?)

EVENING: Come dinnertime, I’m pretty hungry, so I tend to make something easy (and in bulk for packed lunches) so the end result of a long day isn’t me gnawing off my own hand in cannibalistic fury. It’s usually bean-related – currently obsessed – or some form of ratatouille with sweet potato and avocado/coconut yoghurt for a fresh dip. It takes about thirty minutes at most and tastes amazing – just be sure when eating plant-based you get plenty of iron and protein sources, such as black beans, spinach, and various forms of grains and legumes. If I’m out with loved ones, the number one choice out there has to be Farmacy – their sticky toffee pudding is indescribable, it makes my heart palpitate a little just writing about it.


Evenings are my time for mental workouts – that is, reading, reading, reading. I am a huge bookworm and natural introvert, and even though I love connecting between fellow wanderers of our cosmos (human beings), I need to get cosy and have my own time or else I run the risk of becoming feral. I read all sorts of things: poetry, politics, philosophy, science, novels, self-development, and enjoy delving into amazing worlds, whether it be fact or fiction, to hopefully improve myself as a person and rejuvenate my mental wellbeing. I also use the evenings to catch up with my own brand building and creating content or planning collaborations with others to build up the message of mental health awareness and self-development/empowerment that I feel passionately for. I also really like listening to lectures on Youtube – so nice to have over dinner or in bed before falling asleep. It’s like the easiest brain food you’ll ever digest. Of course I love going on adventures with loved ones and making the use of our amazing city, but there’s something to be said for exploring the minds of some of the most amazing thinkers in order to improve our own lives. With sore muscles and a healthy mind is how I aim to go to bed each night – thankfully, I am a very lucky girl to have this as a regular occurrence with my lifestyle and jobs.

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