Superfood Salad – Recipe


So the trend for super foods is certainly not anything new and we’ve all tried some sort of body-cleansing green juice but do are we really using enough super foods in our every day diet?

Super foods can sometimes be hard to integrate into your diet so we asked Zoe Rollings (photographer, chief & healthy eating advocate) to create The Perfect Superfood Salad. We think you’ll agree the results are pretty tasty!

Great side dish for grilled chicken or salmon.

Serves 2


Small bunch purple kale
4 radishes, sliced
½ pomegranate, pearls and juice
2 tbsp olive oil
1 tsp honey
Handful of parsley, finely chopped
Buckwheat groats

Wash kale and cut off leaves from the stalk, then finely chop all. Mix in radishes, pomegranate pearls and parsley, serve and top with raw buckwheat groats or toasted if preferred. Blend together pomegranate juice, olive oil and honey and drizzle over salad.

Check out Zoe’s fantastic photography over on her website.