Green Soup Recipe – The Eight Hours


What is it about soup that’s so comforting?

It’s not even that I’m feeling sick, just a little bit tired, a little bit jet lagged, but all I want is something homely and soothing and what could be better than a decent bowl of green soup?
More importantly I’m in need of a big old health boost so earlier I grabbed all the green veg I could think of that would be bursting with vitamins, fibres, and plant proteins and ended up making the most incredibly tasty soup that blows our Roasted Tomato Soup recipe out the park.
This is an amazingly healthy meal, it’s full of anti-oxidants and anti inflammatories, as well as iron, vitamins and lots of nutrients. So not only does it taste great but it’s so good for you too. Think of it like a soup version of a green smoothie.

What you’ll need:
1 courgette
1 head of broccoli
1 shallot
2 sticks of celery
4 cloves of garlic
Bag of spinach
Tin of cannellini beans
Tinned or fresh asparagus spears
Jar of pesto
Feta cheese
Vegetable stock

What you’ll need to do:
Roughly chop up all your veg into reasonable sized chunks. Heat some oil in a large saucepan and fry your garlic and add chilli flakes if you like.
Fry your broccoli, celery, courgette, shallots until tender, then add in your spinach leaves, coriander, asparagus spears and beans and a few big teaspoons of pesto. Leave these to cook away for a bit and boil the kettle to make 1 litre of veg stock. Pour the stock into the mix and leave to simmer away for about 5 minutes, roughly crumble the feta into the mix and season everything really well. After this has simmered for a few minutes you’re ready to blend, blend the mix until all the veg is blended and the soup is smooth. I don’t like to do it too smooth but no big chunks. Then just serve and enjoy.

green soup image 2

And there you have it a simple, healthy, tasty recipe, ideal when you’re feeling a bit sluggish and need a good health kick.
In fact I always forget how easy it is to actually make a soup from scratch and it’s always going to taste better than a shop bought one. There’s no set rules with soup in my eyes, just play around with the ingredients depending on what you like, just think pretty much any mix of vegetables and a stock base will make something half decent.
Remember this recipe for next time you’re feeling a bit fragile, I have made it almost every night this week.

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