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Citrus & Ginger Health Elixir, this little beast is packed full of citrus and ginger antioxidants, if you’re looking for a kick up the ass in the morning to fire up your digestive system then look no further, it acts as a detox to give that withering body a much needed boost.
We all know that ginger is a god send if you have a cold but did you know how it’s anti inflammatory qualities can help soothe sore muscles, bloating and digestive issues? Today it’s been my life saver, I feel pretty run down, nauseous and just pretty crap, I think the shock of the change in climate from Bali to Melbourne is bringing on a nice and convenient cold so I’m hoping this little beauty sees it off before it properly hits me.

citrus and ginger

Basically you see a lot of these drinks around at the moment, all full of god knows what promising to work miracles, so we wanted to keep it simple and to make a drink that would make a difference to your general health no matter how big or small, anything is better than nothing right? So we went for coconut water for added hydration and potassium, orange for your daily dose of Vit c and good old lemon, a key player for digestive benefits. And as someone who suffers Gastro Paresis I need all the help I can get in that department, so all these together in one drink will definitely help me in someway. Plus it aids weight loss and skin care and who in their right mind turns that down aye?

citrus and ginger

What you’ll need:

– knob of ginger (few inches)
– ½ cup of honey
– 1 big lemon
– 1 big orange
– glass of coconut water

What you’ll need to do:

– Peel and thinly chop up your ginger
– Heat the coconut water in a pan and add in the honey and the ginger pieces, leave to simmer, but don’t let it boil –this takes away some of the benefits when the ginger gets too hot)
– Squeeze the juice from your fruits and place to one side in a cup
– Allow the coconut water to cool and finally add in your juices.
– You can always add more honey or even lemon depending on your taste

Just try this, I’m not saying you need to make this every day, god no, nobody has time for that, but when you need a boost you know what to do, this is firey, powerful and packs a good kick.

citrus and ginger

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