Veggie pizza recipe

Alternative Easter Eats – Spring Veggie Pizza Recipe

26-03-2018Relief!!! Spring is finally here… Oh the absolute joy of pottering in... read more

Winter Eats: Immunity Soup Recipe

25-01-2018Got the January blues? The cure...aside from a rejuvenating sun-drenched... read more
midwinter gluten free christmas cake recipe

Festive eats: Midwinter Christmas Cake Recipe

12-12-2017We are hurtling towards the winter solstice. Daylight is fading by 4pm,... read more

ML’s Inspirational Women: Anna Clements of Mon Pote

07-11-2017Interview by Louise Wilmot. Photographs by Kirsty Forsberg Have you... read more
autumn Squash Pie

Autumn Eats: Spiced Squash Pie Recipe

27-10-2017Autumn eats…. Spiced Squash Pie Colourful. Sculptural. Textural.... read more

A Day in the Life: Sophie Thomas

09-10-2017Guest post by model/blogger/fitness trainer Sophie Thomas -... read more

ModelTypeFace: Rethinking Exercise

27-09-2017Guest post from Rebecca Pearson of So it's... read more
Pandora Paloma

ML’s Inspirational Women: Pandora Paloma of Rooted London

25-07-2017When we asked Pandora Paloma where she'd like our interview to take place,... read more

How To Use Your MLife Accessories

18-07-2017While at the studio shooting for Spring/Summer 2016 we put together some... read more
Mama Moon Candles

Re//Store Sisterhood: Semra of Mama Moon Candles

11-07-2017The beautiful candles and sprays with its playful aesthetics by Mama Moon... read more
Summer smoothie breakfast bowl

Re//Store Kitchen: Summer Smoothie Breakfast Bowl

03-07-2017A nutritious smoothie breakfast bowl is a popular way to start the day in... read more
wild and the moon

Re//Store Sisterhood: Emma Sawko from Wild & The Moon

26-06-2017If you would ask me to describe my perfect cafe it would be an open and... read more

Re//Store Sisterhood: Sophie Gordon of Dust Granola

13-06-2017Sophie Gordon has been on my radar for a while. She makes this pretty box... read more

Re//Store Sisterhood: Jo Wedin

06-06-2017Jo Wedin is a singer and songwriter based in Paris. As we were shooting... read more
Nisha stevens

Re//Store Sisterhood: Nisha Stevens, interior designer

30-05-2017Nisha Stevens and I met many years ago on the East London music scene and... read more

A New Year Cacao Ceremony with Mischa Varmuza – &Sister Yoga Retreats 

11-05-2017Guest post by Alicia Roscoe, co-founder of &Sister Yoga... read more

Re//Store Sisterhood: SkandiHus

08-05-2017I absolutely love beautiful ceramic design and Stine Dulong’s artisanal... read more

Restore // Kitchen: Chia Lemon Fresca

19-04-2017Chia seeds have been around for centuries as part of Mayan and Aztec... read more

Re//Store Sisterhood: China Moo-Young

10-04-2017Recently Sarah Mac, our creative director, asked me to meet her friend and... read more

Re//Store Kitchen : Vegan Hot Cross Buns Recipe

05-04-2017With Easter fast approaching I explored the possibility to create a tasty... read more

Introducing &Sister at Poundon House

30-03-2017Introducing &SISTER - by Alicia Roscoe, yoga teacher and co-founder... read more

Re//Store Sisterhood: Charisse Baker, founder of The East London Juice Co.

28-03-2017East London Juice Co. first came on my radar pretty soon after they opened... read more

Re//Store Kitchen: Activated Charcoal Tonic

23-03-2017Activated charcoal seems to be the current buzz and is popping up on the... read more
Neliana Fuenmayor - A transparent company

Re//Store Sisterhood: Neliana, founder of A Transparent Company

13-03-2017A Transparent Company is founded by Neliana Fuenmayor, a London-based... read more
Benefits of Cycling

Five Benefits of Cycling

11-03-2017The benefits of cycling are numerous, we've rounded up the top five to... read more

Retreats: Yoga Retreat in Punta Ala

10-03-2017Date: 21st – 27th May 2017 Location: Gallia Palace Hotel in Punta Ala,... read more
Turmeric Tonic

Re//Store Kitchen: Turmeric Tonic

08-03-2017Spring is around the corner, I can feel it in my bones, smell it in the... read more

Re//Store Kitchen: Vegan Butternut Squash & Cavalo Nero Pizza Recipe

06-03-2017Pizza, need I say more? Pizza is a wonderful, one-dish, all round meal, a... read more

Ways to Wear: The Yogini Body

01-03-2017The bodysuit is the new basic. And not just for yoga, bodysuits go with... read more
Maaike Mekking Newton & Pott

Re//Store Sisterhood: Newton & Pott

27-02-2017Every Saturday at her eponymous market stall on Broadway Market you can... read more
wholegrain spelt pancakes

Re//Store Kitchen : Wholegrain Spelt Pancakes

20-02-2017With Shrove Tuesday coming up I thought it would be nice to gear up... read more
Lilly Creightmore

Re//Store Sisterhood: Lilly Creightmore

13-02-2017Lilly Creightmore has this magical ability to capture, mesmerise and... read more
Balance Collection

Behind the Scenes: The Balance Collection

07-02-2017Balance collection A bright mood, a fresh energy, with this new season... read more
restore kitchen

Wild Mushroom & Mixed Root Roast Recipe – Re//Store Kitchen

30-01-2017Roasting veggies on the weekend is a steady staple in our household. It is... read more
Jamu Kitchen

Re//Store Sisterhood: Jamu Kitchen

23-01-2017The first time Jamu Kitchen came onto my radar was during my regular... read more
Atelier Neeltje Geurtsen

Re//Store: Sisterhood – Atelier Neeltje Geurtsen

09-01-2017Atelier Neeltje Geurtsen is a beautifully curated lifestyle store in... read more

Re//Store: Tête-à-tête with Shalke Jewellery

30-12-2016Shalke is a jewellery designer with a natural approach to design. Her work... read more

Re//Store: Interview with Sarah Mac

16-12-2016On a beautiful sunny morning I met Sarah Mac, the Creative Director of... read more

Re//Store: Soho Christmas picks

09-12-2016Going into town and roaming the streets of Covent Garden and Soho is one... read more

Introducing: Re//Store X Manuka Life

01-12-2016Maaike Mekking of ReStore is a London based photographer and art director... read more

At the Manuka Life Boutique: Frankie Gaff

21-10-2016Although a relative newcomer on Made In Chelsea, Frankie Gaff has quickly... read more

Manuka Matters Book Club: 26 Grains

26-09-2016You may not have heard of 26 Grains, a pop-up and soon to be permanent... read more
Poundon House

Events & Retreats – Indian Summer at Poundon House

21-09-2016Luxury is about those rare experiences, a break from the everyday. For... read more
Eka Pada Urdhva Dhanurasana

Asana of the Week: Eka Pada Urdhva Dhanurasana

09-09-2016Name:Eka Pada Urdhva Dhanurasana/One-Legged Upward Bow/One-Legged... read more
IBIZA 1146

The Midas Collection – Autumn/Winter 16

08-08-2016With a touch of romanticism, an emphasis on Japanese symbolism and a... read more

Five benefits of meditation

08-08-2016Meditation has been reported to have numerous benefits for all ages, The... read more

At The Manuka Life Boutique: Louise Thompson

07-08-2016If you didn't already know, we have a beautiful Manuka Life boutique... read more
_MG_3031 copy

Asana of the Week: Vrikshasana

25-07-2016Name: Vrikshasana /Vrkshasana/Tree Pose Stretches: Legs, back and... read more
melanie sykes

Manuka Life’s #inspiringwomen: Melanie Sykes

25-07-2016Melanie Sykes is one of our favourite inspiring women, so much so that... read more

Edmiston Yachts X Manuka Life

25-07-2016Edmiston is a world leader in the superyacht industry. Specialising in the... read more

Behind The Scenes: The Creative Process

24-07-2016Have you ever wondered how a Manuka Life design goes from an idea in our... read more
citrus and ginger image 4

Citrus & Ginger Health Elixir Recipe – The Eight Hours

23-07-2016Citrus & Ginger Health Elixir, this little beast is packed full of... read more
Benefits of Running

Five Benefits of Running

21-07-2016There are numerous physical and mental benefits of running, below we have... read more

Lavender Chia Pots Recipe – The Eight Hours

20-07-2016It is my belief that breakfasts need to be carefully planned, I’m... read more

Choosing a Mantra

20-07-2016A mantra is a sound, word or sentence said during meditation to aid... read more
blue cheese brussell image1

Blue Cheese Brussel Sprouts Recipe – The Eight Hours

27-06-2016Lets be honest, there’s a huge stigma around brussel sprouts. I think... read more

Lime and Coconut Raw Slices Recipe – The Eight Hours

29-03-2016As much as we all want to spend hours in the kitchen recreating dishes... read more
kale mushroom and chickpea soup

Kale, Mushroom & Chickpea Soup Recipe – The Eight Hours

08-02-2016Kale, Mushroom & Chickpea Soup Recipe: So this week has been the first... read more

Alternative fitness classes

08-02-2016Going to the gym and doing the same reps, same cardio, same machines for... read more
gluten free spinach image 3

Gluten Free Spinach & Ricotta Gnocchi Recipe – The Eight Hours

28-01-2016Sometimes there’s nothing better than a big bowl of pasta for dinner... read more
green soup image 1

Green Soup Recipe – The Eight Hours

28-01-2016What is it about soup that’s so comforting? It’s not even that... read more
ML 3649

Make Your Own Yoga Mat Cleaner

28-01-2016We have had a request on Facebook for a recipe for a homemade yoga mat... read more
four bean salad image

Four Bean Summer Salad – Recipe

28-01-2016This four bean summer salad is great for a light lunch, or would be... read more
green juice image

Green Juice & Energy Balls – Recipe

28-01-2016We’re all guilty of it, you’re rushing to work and want a healthy... read more
manuka life inspiring colby image 2

Manuka Life’s #inspiringwomen: Colby Hanks

28-01-2016Manuka Life's #inspiringwomen is our exciting new feature talking to some... read more
behind the scenes aw15 image1

Autumn Winter 15 – Spirited Away – Behind The Scenes

28-01-2016The signature print for this Autumn Winter '15 collection is the new... read more
boho beach session image 1

Boho Beach Session – Review

28-01-2016Anything with "beach" in the name sounds pretty appealing on a cold,... read more
christmas carrot image1

Christmas Carrot Cake and Cranberry Bites Recipe – The Eight Hours

28-01-2016Theres no denying it any longer – Christmas is literally just round the... read more

Manuka Life’s #inspiringwomen: Rebecca Pearson

28-01-2016You may recognise Rebecca Pearson as one of our brand ambassadors, but you... read more
honey mustard roasted image1

Honey Mustard Roasted Vegetable Recipe – The Eight Hours

28-01-2016Walk into my family home back in England right now and I promise you’d... read more
best travel yoga image 1

Best Yoga Instagrams to Follow

28-01-2016The weather is getting colder and here in the unpredictable and rainy UK... read more
manuka life does the skinny image 2

Manuka Life does The Skinny Rebel Workout

28-01-2016Guest post by: Lucy Overs When we first got to the beautiful Conrad St.... read more
pea and mint fritters image1

Pea & Mint Fritters Recipe – The Eight Hours

28-01-2016This gluten free recipe from The Eight Hours is one of their most popular... read more
5 ways coffee image 2

Five Ways Coffee Is Actually Good For You

28-01-2016If you've ever visited our boutique in Fulham you may have noticed our... read more
manuka life inspiring sarah image 1

Manuka Life’s #inspiringwomen: Sarah Mac

28-01-2016Manuka Life's #inspiringwomen is our brand new feature talking to some of... read more
kale muffins image

Kale Muffins – Recipe

28-01-2016Here at Manuka Life, we understand that keeping healthy isn’t all sun... read more

Five Ways to Squeeze in a Workout When You Don’t Have the Time

28-01-2016We like to keep busy here at Manuka Life, working hard to design and make... read more
pilates reformer image

The Pilates Reformer

28-01-2016What is a Pilates Reformer? The Reformer is an adjustable bed-like... read more
creating a home yoga image

Creating a Home Yoga Studio

28-01-2016We have been pinning away like crazy on Pinterest making an interiors... read more
pea and mint soup image

Pea and Mint Soup – Recipe

28-01-2016This light but warming pea and mint soup is the perfect dish to get you... read more
mindless eating 1

Mindless Eating

28-01-2016It's important to pay attention to what you're eating, we know that... read more
ML NEW 3713B

Spring Summer 2015 – The Way – Behind The Scenes

28-01-2016MANUKA SS15 COLLECTION – ‘The Way’ Inspired by Buddhism,... read more
peanut butter energy balls image1

Peanut Butter Energy Balls Recipe – The Eight Hours

28-01-2016If you have never found yourself at one point in your life scraping peanut... read more
shampoo alternatives image

Shampoo Alternatives

28-01-2016People are becoming more and more aware of what chemicals are lurking in... read more
Young woman silhouette practicing yoga on the sea beach at sunset

An Introduction to Iyengar Yoga

28-01-2016Deciding on which type of yoga to practice can be a challenge in itself.... read more
om yoga show image5

The Om Yoga Show 2015 – Review

28-01-2016If you're not familiar with the Om Yoga Show, it's an event organised by... read more
raw avocado cheesecake image5

Raw Avocado Cheesecake – Recipe

28-01-2016At The Eight Hours we have a full blown avocado addiction, we put it in... read more
the importance of sleeping image 1

The Importance of Sleeping Well

28-01-2016A good night sleeping well is one of the most important things you can do... read more
Manuka-Internet-009501 copy

Top Health Benefits of Yoga

28-01-2016Are you considering taking up yoga? Would you like to know what you could... read more
Roma blair image 1

Roma Blair: The Mother of Yoga

28-01-2016This week we wanted to share with you one of Manuka’s Inspirational... read more
raw vegetable image1

Raw Vegetable & Mango Salad Recipe – The Eight Hours

28-01-2016‘I ate really well over Christmas’ said no-one ever. It’s... read more
trendy superfoods image 2

Trendy Superfoods

28-01-2016The new trendy superfoods that are going to give you every vitamin you... read more

Yoga and Wellbeing

28-01-2016Yoga is an ancient form of exercise that has been practiced through the... read more
superfoodio image1

Superfoodio Snack Boxes – Review

28-01-2016Getting food boxes delivered to your door has become the latest trend in... read more
smashed pea image1

Smashed Minted Pea Bruschetta Recipe – The Eight Hours

28-01-2016If ever you fancied a break from yet another bowl of soup or big hearty... read more
what happened when we did a image 4

Doing a Three Day Juice Cleanse

28-01-2016Guest post by Lucy Overs Let me start by saying I am not the "juice... read more

Yoga During Pregnancy – What’s Safe and What’s Not

28-01-2016Exercising while you’re pregnant is an excellent way to stay in shape... read more
Summer bruschetta image

Summer Bruschetta – Recipe

28-01-2016Photography and food blogger, Zoe Rollings, tempts us with her Summer... read more
5 common yoga symbols image1

Five Common Yoga Symbols

28-01-2016Om Om or Aum is a sacred syllable representing Brahman, the... read more
The Yoga Production image 3

The Yoga Production – Interview and Review

28-01-2016Guest post by Rebecca Pearson of ModelTypeFace I almost don’t want to... read more
superfood salad image

Superfood Salad – Recipe

28-01-2016So the trend for super foods is certainly not anything new and we’ve all... read more
niki wibrow image 1

Niki Wibrow’s Bath Yoga For Matalan Direct

28-01-2016Like many of our ambassadors, Niki Wibrow is a brilliant Yoga instructor... read more
Yoga Rebel image 1

Yoga Rebel – Review by Rebecca Pearson

28-01-2016Guest post from Rebecca Pearson - ModelTypeFace So I was invited to try... read more
veggie chips image

Classic Veggie Chips Recipe

28-01-2016The classic healthy eating hack. Swap potatoes for veggies when a chip... read more

What is Mindfulness?

28-01-2016What is mindfulness? Mindful meditation is a way of training yourself to... read more
yoga for runners

Yoga for Runners

28-01-2016Yoga for runners. Practiced together, yoga and running have multi-fold... read more
Yoga or Pilates

Yoga or Pilates?

28-01-2016Yoga or Pilates? Although quite similar practices and often put in the... read more

The Rise of Sportswear in Fashion

28-01-2016Guest post from Rebecca Pearson of ModelTypeFace I’ve been watching,... read more